Friday, February 20, 2009

Things Heard in a Twins Household...and Funny Moments

Time spent with the Salsa girls is filled with laughter from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to bed!

One of the first examples of this came the first morning I was there. We were all up early and then I went upstairs for a bit and was sitting on my bed when the girls came up for a visit. We chatted and giggled and then I said I was going to get up. Both their eyes flew to my clock on the bedside table and in unison they screamed, 'No Cafrin!!! No get up! Cwock not say seben!' LOL! It was now after 8:00 and since the girls know the first number on their clock needs to begin with a '7' before they call out for mamma to get up in the morning, I was commiting a cardinal sin by getting up. When I finished laughing we chatted and when the clock said 8:17 I tried again but they quickly said, 'Noooo! Not dat seben!' Too cute! I eventually convinced them it was ok to get up and our day of fun began.

Here are some of the funny things I heard us saying when we were talking to the girls. I'm sure you've heard some similar things coming from yourself too.

- Only 1 girl per leg

- No, you can't zip your sister into the suitcase. She doesn't like it!

- Your sister needs a courtesy flush

- Don't step on your sister

- No, you can't stand on your sister's head

- Only 1 girl per chair

And my very favourite:

- Sorry you'll have to choose a different toothbrush. It's your sister's turn to use the Elmo toothbrush tonight!

Heh! That one was rectified though as we found another Elmo toothbrush and now each one is sporting their owner's initial...which they recognize with ease.

Also want to add a quick video showing one of the girls latest things that they like to do - count syllables in words. (Hope the sound lines up with the pictures. Sometimes it's off but I'm not sure how to fix that.)

A little note: The girls love to sit on the arms of the kitchen chairs rather than the seat. They're often reminded to sit on their seat or knees but within moments they can't help themselves and hop back up on the arm in excitement and begin chatting with each another. M3 laughed at me one day when she and I and the girls were all at the table together. One of the girls tumbled backwards off the arm of the chair! I shot up like a rocket, looked down at her and since there was no blood or tears, without realizing it I sat back down and continued eating my dinner. Heh! These two know how to have fun and 'slow' is not in their vocabulary so there are a few stumbles each day but when there are tears for one, her sister is quick to run to the freezer for ice and all is right in their little world again! Have I mentioned how much I love these little ones?!! Miss them so much already!!!


  1. Cafrin, I'm smiling away here - good grief - they could be Japhia and I when we were younger - oh my goodness. I laughed myself silly at your expressions...they brought back so many memories. It's just a twin thing. Too cute the way they count syllables...hilarious!

    Thanks again for sharing your adventures with the "Salsa girls".

    See you later,

  2. My kids sit are the arms of chairs too and I am always reminding them to sit on their bums. Too funny!!

  3. Ah yes the frequently used "one girl per leg" -- that's an oldie but goodie in this house. We've been using that one since they were babies. Actually I dread the day they're too big to both sit in my lap and each take a leg. You're going to get a teary phone call on that day, my friend. :-)

  4. They are just darling!

    Keep smilin!


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