Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shopping Fun and Birthday Wishes!

Wela arrived bright and early Monday morning so that M3 and I could enjoy a day of shoppy fun together. I had brought a photo album for Wela with some pics from their trip to China. The girls enjoyed seeing themselves as babies and hearing about Ro and Ree and some of the fun they had there.

M3 and I hit an outlet mall and had a blast! I haven't allowed myself to buy many outfits for Hannah but yesterday I found a couple I just couldn't pass up! They both happen to be holiday celebrations but she really could wear them anytime that they fit.

A Valentine's outfit in 2T with adorable little capri pants.

and an Easter outfit in 18mos. Love the little Mary Jane socks too!

A close-up of the bunny onesie and the back of the Valentine's t-shirt. Can you see why I couldn't pass them up?

M3 also saved some of the girls clothes for me and I was so excited last night when she passed on their beautiful Easter dresses from last year! We did a few shoppy trips together last January to put the finishing touches on one of the dresses and I love them both. I'm a chocolate brown and pink girl so absoluetley love these!

Also in the 'Cafrin Box' were these adorable little bathing suits. Too cute for words!

After a day of shopping fun we headed home again. Wela, THANKS SO MUCH for letting us get out and enjoy a day of fun together. It was a real treat and we appreciate it!!

The evening was one of birthday celebrations for TubaDad! The girls took great care to decorate his cake

and the house.

M3 fed the girls earlier and we waited for TubaDad to arrive with Mexican food for his birthday supper. Yumm!! M3 stepped out of the kitchen for a few minutes and the girls decided to see how the rookie handled things. Heh...guess they knew who was boss, er, who were the bosses when Mom was out of the room!

Ree trying to fit her entire helping of spaghetti into her mouth in one bite

Ro politely keeping her elbows off the table

Ree following her sister's lead!

Pssst! I waited to post these pics after M3 and TubaDad had already said they'd be going out on Tuesday night and letting me watch the girls. Wanted them to have a good time and not worry about what might or might not be happening at home. :o) We'll never tell!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday TubaDad!


  1. Love the pics! I laughed out loud with Ro and Ree's elbows off the table. They're just too cute for words.

  2. Hannah is going to be one well dressed little girl!! And you are one practiced Mommy!!

    Hannah will have some good table manners with no elbows on the table!!!

  3. Love the pictures and the shoppy goodness. Those socks are ADORABLE!!

    Keep smilin!

  4. It sounds like a great birthday party for TubaDad... and I know you'll have a blast watching the girls while mom and dad enjoy a night out!
    Can't wait to see pictures of this adventure...

  5. So much fun... and you get THE BEST pics of the girls smiling. Can't wait to see Hannah in the easter dresses and the bellybutton-showing bathing suit. Wheeeeee!

  6. Love all the pictures..
    The outfits are tooo cute..
    The girls are sooo pretty..
    I know you are having soo much fun..

  7. Catherine you are the best...don't ever worry about me because I know your heart. You are one lucky duck to get to spend all that time with the salsa twins! Jealous!! :)

  8. Now those girls know how to eat some spaghetti! LOL!

    You are having such a fun time!


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