Monday, February 16, 2009

Thank You M3 and Wela!!

The kindness to Hannah and I is overwhelming!! When I arrived last week M3 had this adorable outfit waiting for her. She's going to look so cute in it and the brown with all the fun colours are wonderful! There was also a wonderful bag of 'mini bar treats' that the girls had picked out but I must admit to eating them before taking a pic. Oops! They chose Chocolate mints, Pringles, water, Yellow Kleenex, and some ummm, rather 'strong' M&M flavoured chapstick that I might have 'accidentally' left for them to enjoy. Thanks for the treats girls! They were super yummy and even better because you'd chosen them yourselves!!

Later in the week Wela arrived with this beautiful quilt she'd made for Hannah! WOW!!! Thank you Wela!! As soon as I put her crib together, this beautiful little quilt will be placed in it waiting to keep my baby girl warm when she comes home. Love you so much! Thanks again!!

Valentine's Day H and I received a gift for each of us. Chocolates for Mommy and this cutie for Hannah. I asked the girls to help me name him and even though 'Orange Bucket' (after Ree's favourite puke bucket) was discussed, they decided on Lil' Bear and Lil' Bear he shall be!

And the last gift needs little introduction to the bloggy world of 2006. It's the infamous Ladybug Suitcase that travelled to China with M3 and her family when they met the girls. It's been passed down to me and will travel to China later this year. Shhh...Don't tell my Mom but it's tradition that the Grandma use this as one of her pieces of luggage, right Wela?! :o)

One other thing that made M3 and I howl was upon closer inspection of the LB suitcase we noted this yellow ribbon tied to the handle of it. I'm guessing someone thought their might be an influx of huge, loud, bright ladybug suitcases in China so they wanted to make sure it didn't get mixed up? LOL! I'm pretty confident when this one makes it's way around the baggage carousel when I get back to Toronto later tonight that there won't be a large number of LB suitcases gracing the carousel!

THANK YOU SO MUCH M3, TubaDad, Ro and Ree for another amazing week of fun, laughter, stories, giggles and so much more! I love you all so very, very much and cannot wait for the next time when I travel out to visit you....with HANNAH in my arms!!! Love you so much! xoxoxoxo


  1. Safe travels my friend. You will be very happy when you get to China and there are two Ladybug suitcases on the carousel to have that yellow ribbon!

  2. Those are awesome goodies! How lucky you are to have friends like this :-)

  3. What awesome friends! And I can't wait to see YOU use that ladybug suitcase... and then to see if you pass it along to someone else. Because tracking that ladybug suitcase would be lots of fun!

  4. That is a great suitcase and it is so sweet that it is being shared with you for your trip!
    Have a safe flight home.

  5. Yep you're spoiled . . . but guess what? You deserve it! The quilt is my favourite gift by far - what a lot of work and love went into that gift! It's beautiful.

    Safe travels home!


  6. They certainly sound like good people to me and anyone who treats you with such love and support is good in my books anyday!
    You deserve all good things, Catherine and Hannah will be blessed to have you as a mom. I can't wait to see her sleeping in her crib with that beautiful quilt wrapped around her.

  7. What amazing friends..
    LOVE the outfit, the quilt is beautiful and the ladybug suitcase is going to make it's way back to China for an amazing little girl..
    have a great week...

  8. You do know we will all laugh when you travel to China and find someone with the exact same luggage.

    Hmmm I wonder if such luggage make you more prone to security checks?

    Has Mary Mia counted the girls to make sure you did not sneak one home in the luggage?

  9. Catherine all of the gifts are just beautiful , it shows just how special you are to your friends. I have the makeup overnight bag to match your suitcase...isn't it pretty.

    Love and blessing, Kristy

  10. Such special gifts for special gals!

    Keep smilin!

  11. Sounds like a fabulous trip! It seems just like yesterday we chatted on the phone!!

  12. The wonderful relationship you have with the Salsa gang is truly special. Hannah is going to be one very loved little girl with all the terrific folks in your life.


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