Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day and Fun Around the House!

Happy Valentine's Day!! Today was party day at pre school and the girls were ready for a morning of fun!

When we picked them up afterwards they were excited to show us their new heart balloons and bags overflowing with Valentine's day cards and treats! (I had to laugh at the difference of their hair from when we dropped them off and picked them up. Oh was a busy morning! :o)

Each girl had a different method of sorting her loot. Ree is a 'dump and sort' kinda gal.
Whereas Ro prefers to take each piece out individually, examine it and then line it up in a straight line.
In the end each girl ended up with a zippy of sugary goodness and after making a couple of trades the bags went into the cupboard until after nap time. Well, except for the couple of pieces that Cafrin 'tested' while they napped!
Enjoying some YouTube
Too cute!

Ree decked out in her pj/tutu finest, ready to perform a show! We've been treated to a few of these this week and oh my, they're the best!!
Ro looking innocent as she snuggles in with mommy after naptime.
Superdad!! TubaDad carrying the girls earlier today (Ro l and Ree r in both pics)

....and one year ago. Wow! Look how the little sweeties have grown!!


  1. They are just precious....I love their pink and red VDay outfits......and those tights with the bear on the butt....TOO CUTE!!

    Sounds like you had another great visit!! Hope you made it back home safe and sound!


  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you, my very special friend! I dreamed about you last night. You took Doris, Michelle and I to Montreal in order to see "Annie" on stage. I fell asleep during the show know how I feel about musicals! LOL
    Looks like you are still having such a wonderful time!

  3. It is IMPORTANT to test the candy while the kids are sleeping. I am SURE that I have read that somewhere before!!

    So we are going to see Annie!! We will have to poke K1 through the entire show!!!

    Happy Valentines Day!! What super cute dates you had!!

  4. Beautiful pictures! What a difference a year makes.

    Happy Valentine's Day!


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