Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Anyone Else Ready for a Group Hug?'s news of a probable 2 day referral batch is tough to take! I know it can happen. I know it's happened before but ouch, it stings!

There have been tears here tonight (thanks for the shoulder Bridge) but I know I'm not the only one shedding tears tonight. When I do the math (which you know I do over and over again) a 2 day batch doesn't alter my guesstimation by much but, knowing the larger number of files logged in March compared to February does cause me to feel a little ill. Bridget had the best line when she said, 'Thank goodness February wasn't a leap year in 2006!' Amen!!

I remembember when I first began Hannah's adoption that people talked about it being a 'stroller coaster' of emotions and oh were they right! It feels like I've been on this ride for years...oh wait, I have...but anyway, I'll ride this ride as long as I need to and won't get off until Hannah is with me!!!

Hanging on, ready for the next big hill, twist, turn and loop. Can someone please pass the Gravol?

((hugs)) to all my waiting friends today. We're gonna make it!! Trusting HIM!!!


  1. I said it before and I'll say it again..."She's coming!" Hugs to everyone who's feeling the weight of this small batch.

  2. hey Catherine. i wish i lived closer i'd come give you a hug.
    waiting is so hard, i have moments when i want to cry. you have waited so long - i keep praying for you and hannah.

  3. So sorry Catherine! Someone needs to throw you a big ol' pity party with a cake, and balloons and all! I had a real live pity party and it did the trick and cheered me up. We had dinner, went and saw a funny movie, and then had a cake. It was just the thing I needed!

  4. Always here and sharing in the good and bad.
    Hugs and keep smilin!

  5. Only two days??!! I thought it was Five?? The 20th isn't in??

    (((Catherine))) I can't even imagine how you are feeling. SOOOOOO close yet so far away still. :( So sorry friend.

    Love you!

  6. Group hugs.... but Catherine.... they did 5 days! Rest of 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th.... much closer for Hannah, my sweet friend!!! She is coming.....

  7. Hey Cathy...I'm not much of a 'group', but I'll give you a hug. Do you have time to 'do lunch' today? Maybe we could get some of the waitresses to help us with that group hug thing if we must :o)
    Love ya....she's coming my friend and will even be all the sweeter for the delay. She is going to be soooooo worth the wait.

  8. Hang in there!!! After seeing the look on my daughter's face yesterday when she saw her Lauren, believe me it is worth the wait!!!

    Sending BIG HUGS to you and many prayers that there is a speedup for all my friends still waiting... a No longer waiting Grandma....Linda

  9. It is more than tough. It is down right nasty.

    Big hug right back at ya!


  10. Catherine if my arms were longer I'd reach right accross the GTA and give you a big hug. Hannah is getting closer.

  11. I know it's hard - & I love your attitude . . .


  12. And hugs back at you Catherine. I'm still strapped in on the "stroller coaster" at least for a while longer.

  13. My dear friend, Catherine,

    All I can do is send chocolate kisses and hugs to an incredible lady. The wait is awful but the end is a bit closer. Keep the faith and keep sending warm fuzzies to Hannah.


  14. so sorry about the wait. we are in it with you for the long haul until you have her in your arms!

  15. *BIG HUGS*

    I wish I knew what to say. The wait continues...

  16. I'm so sorry! HUGS!

    My referral came after one of those two day batches in April of 2007. It.was.horrendous. :( I cried for two days straight!!

    But then my referral came the next month and was on the busy whirlwind of activity!!

    Hang in there Catherine. It will happen!!

    dd Sunshine 7 1/2 Viet Nam
    dd Brilliance almost 2 1/2 China

  17. Big hug from Ava and I!
    Hang in there Catherine!

  18. and here we go into the holidays when it always seems harder....hugs from us........

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  20. I wish I had the eloquent words to say just the right thing. I love your attitude you always look at the glass half full. She is going to be worth the wait!! She will be one lucky girl to have such a special Mama!

  21. Hugely disappointing! Your tears are understandable.

    Keep on keeping on. It will happen soon.


  22. Sending you a big hug from out west. It does suck. No other words for it.

  23. Hannah's coming Catherine... you hang in there!!! I'd like to say I know how you feel.. and I do to some extent but our wait compared to yours now is minimal. But the emotions were all there. Sending big hugs!!!!!


  24. Hugs back to you. I'm feeling the same this month. Frustrated...yet again.

  25. That sucks as the last thing I read was the 20th was in..hugs to you and everyone waiting!

  26. Catherine,

    Stay strong. It will come and when it does, you will forget all the waiting. Hugs from me to you!!!


  27. No doubt that it's a tough ride, my friend. We're closing in on the ride coming back into the station at last.

    Sending you a hug.


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