Sunday, November 30, 2008

David Phelps in Concert - What a Treat!

Tonight was an amazing night of praise, worship and celebration! David Phelps was live in concert at our church and oh what a treat it was to attend this Christmas concert! David formerly sang with the Gaither Vocal Band and for the past couple of years has been on tour on his own. A friend's son is his current drummer so their tour headed our way when they were in the area and oh my am I glad they did! The evening ended a little sooner than originally intended when the power went but David finished the concert with 'O Holy Night' Beautiful!! Enjoy.

(Note: Video is not from tonight's concert as recordings were not permitted.)

His tour is heading back to the US so check out the link above to see if David's Christmas tour is going to be in your area.


  1. Cool Cathy!!! Great picture!! What an incredible evening. I don't think I stopped smiling all night! An amazing blessing!

    (Any chance I could get a copy of that pic for Chris? He enjoyed working with David Phelps and the team setting up in the afternoon - said they were totally amazing and gracious people!)

    Have a great day!
    Love & prayers,

  2. What a great concert!! His voice is incredible....and that song brings tears to my eyes every Christmas!!

    Have a great week!


  3. Oh I love his voice! What a treat to have him at your church. He was here at Hamilton Place on Friday night. "Oh Holy Night" is my favourite Christmas song - especially when it's sung so beautifully!


  4. that is actually watching him sing on GMC right now..
    im jealous

  5. Very cool that you had the chance to see him in concert!

    Keep smilin!

  6. I am not kidding have the best life ever. You are always getting to do great things. I am jealous! Thanks for sharing your fun. :)

  7. Incredible voice. Heard DP when he did the GVB thing many years ago. Very cool that he came to your church. JMei has just hit a high note - look out David!


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