Friday, October 31, 2008

Hannahbug Tradition Continues

For the past few years one of the United Way fund raisers at work has been face painting. Today, following the tradition began in 2006 when my file went to China, I excitedly wore an adorable little ladybug on my cheek.

Next year I'll be on mat leave so won't be at work to have a ladybug painted on my cheek but that will be just fine as instead my ladybug will be in my arms!!!!!


  1. well, I think you will need to go visit that day and Hannah can wear one too!


  2. Love it!
    Next year you could go into work for a visit on Halloween and have matching ladybugs painted!!!

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Oops! I really need to read comments before I post them sometimes. I just read #6's comment ~ Great Minds! :o)

  4. Yes... great minds indeed. Cuz I was gonna say the same thing as PB & #6. I think you should continue the tradition with Hannah. I'm sure the co-workers would enjoy a visit.

  5. very should keep the tradition with Hannah and pop into work that day! I'm sure you will be in to show them your precious bundle:) Exciting it is getting closer:)

  6. I would be MORE than willing to drive to your house to paint a ladybug on your face! Oh ya . . . and to visit you and your real live ladybug! :)


  7. What an awesome tradition. And to think this year will be the last! MAybe Hannah could wear one next year and start a new tradition.

  8. I love the ladybug!!! It looks so pretty on your face.

    Love, K

  9. Too cute. That's certainly not the body part where I saw my most recent ladybug ;0)


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