Sunday, November 09, 2008

Golf Cart Adventures of Catherine and Marg!

Oh baby, who knew how much fun it could be hanging out with the seniors?? Aunt Marg and I decided yesterday that we'd head to Tar-jay and rather than take the boring old car we'd hop onto the golf cart and take it for a spin. Tons o fun I tell ya!

First, we decided it was best to assume the names of the rightful owners of the golf cart so 'Chuck and Connie' we became. We'd like to think it was because those were the names plastered on the front of our GC but in reality it's kinda like a witn*ss prot*ction program as our (read: my) driving skills sometimes left a lot to be desired. Heh!

Secondly, the Villages is not a tiny place and our adventurous trip to Tar-jay was a 20 min drive (with the pedal to the medal) and even then we had just dented the surface of this place. I understand The Village has something like 70,000 people living here and I'd believe it!

One of the fun parts about driving here is that there are 'roundabouts' or 'taffic circles' galore. What a hoot they are! Cars and golf carts whipping around, all trying to get on and off in their proper spot while trying not to immitate the Griswold's adventures in Europe. I had to do an extra circle a couple of times but not too often. I was pretty timid of these circles 2 days ago and now I love them. What a great way to move traffic. Wish we had them at home!

At some of the busier intersections there are golf cart tunnels (which I insist mean throwing my arms in the air and shouting 'woohoo!' as we drive through) but they tend to sneak up on me. A couple of times I had to circle back to go through a missed tunnel but we'll just say I'm glad these things were made to drive on the grass when I circled back!

Scooting around, usually on 4 wheels but possibly the odd time I took a corner a little too fast and we might have gone onto 2 for a moment, but in general we rocked the golf cart! We could get from A to B with ease by the end and even mastered the art of waving to fellow golf cart riders as we sailed along the roads and cart paths. At one point we attempted to have 3 of us share the cart and oh my, the looks we got. A couple of guys pulled up beside us as we were just starting out and they did a very poor job of hiding their laughter from us! Heh....guess we should have looked for one of these bigger ones when all 3 of us wanted to ride!

I tell you, never have I ever seen SO MANY golf carts in one place! You'll find a few of the really neat ones scattered throughout this post.

This is a sign I don't remember seeing at home and it made me chuckle. Oh yah, I love retirement living. Bring it on!!

Now, it's time to head to bed as tomorrow is a BIG day! Anyone whose been here very long can probably guess where I'm headed! YIPPEEE!!! You didn't think I could be this close and not go did you?


  1. Oh man this story is hilarious!! Love it. And I can just picture you whizzing around in that cart. How fun.

    Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad. Fifty years, that is just wonderful.

  2. Cathy, this is soooooo funny! I can only imagine the antics! I'm laughing and I'm not even there!!! I can't believe the designs of some of those golf carts!!

    Know you'll have fun today! Can't wait to see your pictures. Wish I was there with you.

    Love & hugs,

  3. Love the story!

    We have a couple of traffic circles here, but I've seen people actually drive OVER them instead of AROUND them. Josh and I just laugh whenever we see people do that.

  4. You are way too funny. And if your aunt is anything like you, I can just imagine the laughter!

    Have a great day today!


  5. Did you wave hi to my parents as they live in The Villages. Last time we were there we had to drive through tunnel after tunnel as Maisie thought it the best thing in the world. You're leaving the happiest place in the world for old people and just going to the happiest place in the world. Have fun with the mouse.

  6. HOW FUN!!!
    Looks like a wonderful time..
    Have a Great Week..

  7. I have no problem seeing you having fun and tooling around in the cart. It is a golf cart world there fer sure!


    Keep smilin!

  8. My grandparents own one of those death traps... then again, what grandparent doesn't? I'm glad y'all had fun, although I'm now thinking people should obtain special licenses to operate those things.

  9. Wow! That looks like fun!

    Glad you are enjoying yourself!

    I love traffic circles - that way you don't have to stop. As long as people know what they are doing.

  10. Your story cracked me up. My parents live in the Villages and we crack up everytime we go! It is amazing all the different kind of glof carts. I giggled when you said you were headed to the Happiest place on Earth. My Mom always tells me the Villages is the Disneyworld for old folks! Have a grand time!

  11. How FUN!!!!

    Those are golf carts!?!? Some of them are fancier than my car! :)

    Such good memories!

  12. What a fun time!! I have never seen so many cool looking golf carts!!!

    I guess this is one of the things we have to look forward to as we approach retirement!!

    I always love to come "visit" your have such a zest for life!!

    Have a great week!


  13. Oh wow...that is some serious golf cart business. Heh, I just get a kick out of knowing I am there with you in golf-cart spirit.

  14. That IS alotta golf carts!!! I love the "hot rod" one!!

    Happy anniversary to your folks! What an achievement!!!


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