Monday, August 04, 2008

Tips & Tricks: Airline Seats and Frog Pods

Today's Tips & Tricks cover 2 unrelated items but both things I've learned in the past month that I'm happy to share with you.
1. Adjustable Airline Headrests
2. Sticking things to the bathtub wall

Anybody who has visited here for very long knows that I love to travel to visit friends. You won't find me island hopping or touring castles in Europe (ok, castles in Florida...yes!!) but you will find me spending time with precious friends near and far. Because of this I've spent my fair share of time on airplanes and boy was I thankful to learn this neat little tip on my last trip. Did you know that the headrests on some planes can be bent to support your head? A couple of weeks ago when I took a red-eye home from California it was something I put to the test and it was great! How often has this been available in the past and I hadn't known and ended up with a kink in my neck? Hope this is helpful to you...especially on our long trips to China!!

Tip number 2 is a great one I learned from my friend Michelle. She and her family were moving and Michelle give me some of their baby toys for Hannah. One of the toys that wouldn't work in their new home due to the bumpy surface of their bath tub walls was their Frog Pod.
The tip that Michelle taught me was how to attach the pod to the wall so that it wouldn't fall off. She said to clean the tub wall with rubbing alcohol and also clean the suction cup pads with rubbing alcohol, let them dry well and then attach them using a little water to adhere them to the wall. While the Frog Pod is now in 'Hannah Storage' in the basement, I did try her little trick with something I normally hang on the shower wall and it's worked like a charm! I had taken the attachment off the wall thinking I'd need to replace it and once I tried the cleaning with rubbing alcohol trick 2 weeks ago it went back up and hasn't budged since! Thanks for the great tip Michelle!


  1. What??? You did no know about the head rest??? Live an learn, my friend!

    I will have to think about that froggie pod... Afraid will not match my bathroom.

  2. I didn't know that about the head rests...have to check it out next time I am on a plane!!!

    We love the Frog Pod....good tip about the suction cups!

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. I had no idea about the head rests! Wow!

    I have seen that froggie pod - it looks so cute!

    Have a fabulous day!

  4. Good tips! I knew about the head rest, but I'm a little bit of a an airplane germaphobe... always thinking about all the other heads that have rested there... I know, I'm so wrong, right?

  5. LOVE airline head rests! And the Frog Pod thing is a GREAT idea!

  6. I love that grog pod too! One day there will be lots of toys to cleanup.

    Keep smilin!

  7. LOVING the tips!! I'll be testing out the head rest in 26 days!!!!
    and the "rest room-foot under door"... great idea! with 4 the stalls are getting too crowed! LOL
    I'll be using your tip for sure from now on!!

  8. I have one of those froggies somewhere. I'll have to hunt the little croaker a few months or so.

  9. Thanks for the head rest tip, I may have to try that in Dec.


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