Saturday, August 09, 2008

Living Out A Dream!

Do you have a friend or family member that you dream with? You talk about what you would do if you 'won the big one.' (It makes it extra hard though when I don't buy tickets! And yet still I dream....)

Anyway, for a number of years now my cousin Bridget and I have often talked about how we would love to go to Disney World together. She's as big a Disney fanatic as I am! We'd toss around the idea of taking her daughter and my niece and making it a girl's trip. We've dreamt of a big family reunion where we invite our parents, brothers, cousins and their families and making it a big family trip. Fun! We've also talked of what we would do if just the two of us went together.

Even so, nothing prepared me for the email I received earlier this spring that read, 'I've received a special mailing from Disney. Call me!!' Well, it took me all of about 2 mins. to call her to find out what it was all about yet at the same time I don't think either of us really thought anything would come of it. We talked about the room discount she was being offered, availability dates and the complexites involved.

You see for the two of us, we're coming at this from very different places in our lives. For myself it meant arranging time off work and locking up the house and heading out. For Bridget it meant talking to her hubby and her mom to see if they'd watch her amazing family of 6 great kids. As you can guess, they both said to go with their blessing and that was the beginning of our dream trip planning!

This pic was taken of her family when they were there in January so knowing that all her kids and my Rebecca had been there this year lessened the guilt of leaving them behind this time.

Tomorrow mornig we'll both fly from different locations and meet early in the morning at the Orlando airport and our 4 days (and long into the nights) of fun will begin!!

I wouldn't trade the trips Rebecca and I have shared together for anything nor the amazing trip we shared with Sharon and Victoria in January but, I must admit that I'm excited to try out some of the adult rides that my sweet timid niece finds just too challenging right now. Rockin' Roller Coaster, Splash Mountain (yes...she is that timid), Mission to Mars, Space Mountain and possibly in a moment of Disney excitement you may even find us riding the Tower of Terror! I've done that once but am not convinced that this old gal will do it again. I'll let you know later.

Tomorrow we're heading Magic Kingdom and planning on making the most of the evening Magic Hours and staying until 2am. Yes, a nap will be in order in the afternoon due to our early morning flights but we've heard that if you can stay after midnight it's far less crowded and we're planning on testing that theory out.

Monday is Disney Hollywood Studios and Tuesday Epcot. Another treat about our Epcot day is that we've made plans to meet up with Don, Be and Joanna Mei and also Alyson and Ford - unless they're receiving Alyzabeth An's referral!!! Looking forward to meeting all of you and also a couple of other bloggy friends we'll be introduced to.

Looking forward to a fun 4 days Bridge!! 1 more sleep!


  1. Catherine!!!

    You sure are the world traveler girl!!! I hope you have the best, most fun time ever with Bridget!!! SOunds like you can't miss in the fun department!!


  2. HOW FUN! Interestingly enough, M & I may miss you in O-town by just a few short days . . . didn't that happen last time, too?!

    Dreams are often the beginnings of beautiful things, so keep on dreaming =)

    Give our best to Mickey! (& Snow White, too)

  3. Have a great time!!! I'd love to go to Disney world one day too.

  4. Sounds like such fun! Have a blast!!!

  5. Oh Catherine, You're gonna have SOOO much fun! No, we have never been to WDW before but we inivted ourselves :-) along with some friends who are having travel group reunion (we all went thru the same agency but we were earlier). So we'll be there for 4 days the 1st part of Dec. Kylie is so excited and can hardly wait to hit 40" so she can ride the kiddie rides. We may need some higher heeled shoes just in case :-) Can hardly wait to hear all about your trip and see pix, and get advice. Now back to watching the Olympics :-)
    Susan in MT.

  6. Have a wonderful trip and we will meet up for a coffee when you return!!

  7. Have a wonderful mini vacation!

    Keep smilin!

  8. Honestly girlfriend . . . you never sit still! Good for you though. Have a great time but don't be too tuckered out for our dinner next weekend!

    Looking forward to hearing all about it. :)


  9. Dh and I went there on our honeymoon and loved how much quieter it was after midnight (also cooler which is nice in Florida in August.)

  10. You amaze me...I simply can't keep up with where you are on what days.

    We need a 'Where in the world is Catherine?' segment on the news.

    have fun.

  11. Meet you soon!! You do travel alot!

    Alyson LID 01/27/06

  12. HAVE FUN!!!! Give Mickey a kiss for me!!!

  13. Have a great time! I look forward to your posts. My family and I arrived home from Disney World on August 8th! It was very hot and very crowded but we had a good time. I'm having the "going back to work blues" right now.

  14. Sounds like a great time!!

    Have a wonderful trip!


  15. Wow! Off to Disney again!!??

    I'd love to go to Disney World one day, but don't think it will ever be in our budget.

    Have you got any tips on how to go there cheap?

    How do you get so much time off at your work? You must have a great vacation plan.


  16. Gosh Girl! Do you ever work? It seems like you are always flying off to some place or another. Have a great adult Disney trip!!!!

  17. OH MY GOODNESS!! This is waaaay too cool - I worked in Disney as a senior in college - loved it!! Honeymooned there - CANNOT WAIT to go back!!

    You have an amazing time and take plenty of photos to share - we will all be waiting:)


  18. Have a great time and YES you must ride Tower of Terror, it is my most favorite ride!!!

  19. Give Pooh Bear a hug from us!!! He's our favorite.

  20. Disney again?! How lucky are you?!! Have a fabulous time!


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