Sunday, August 03, 2008

Missing the Cuteness...

Totally missing my precious friend Mary-Mia this weekend and her little cuties too so decided to go through my pics from a few weeks ago and share some favourites with you. Hope you enjoy all the adorable cuteness!

Teaching Cafrin how to have fun on a bed.

Marie feeding baby doll a pretzel

and enjoying one herself.

Toys and shoes lined up in my room. Clearly I need to be looking for some fancy princess shoes to keep up with the girlies!

The girl's preschool snack bags...and one for Cafrin too!

Rosie checking out her snack bag.

Marie found the chocolate.

Not too bad. Guess most of it made it to her belly.

Looks like Rosie enjoyed her chocolate too.

Rosie sporting rather damp pants when Cafrin forgot to put the stopper in the water sippys. Oops!

Fun times during potty training. :o)

Hanging out in the lounger.

Miss you SO MUCH friend!! Until next time....


  1. This post is so cute and reminds me how you should quit fighting it and join Facebook.

  2. so cute. what great memories Catherine.


  3. MMM, your snack bag looked awesome!!lol...

  4. They are cute indeed!

  5. Capturing the adorableness!

    Keep smilin!

  6. Too funny...I love the contents of Cafrin's snack bag as compared to the girls :0)

  7. Sweet Salsa Fun!! Thanks for sharing the make the everyday stuff seem like lots of fun!!

  8. They are the cutest, and I can't imagine how much you miss THAT much fun!

  9. Aw, you got some great pics! This morning was the first morning in about 4 weeks that the girls and I were completely alone in the car (it's been a great, busy summer) and they thought it was really weird.

  10. Isn't it amazing the friendships we find because of adoption? It's like a secret club no one tells you about, but you stumble into it all on your own. :)

  11. Love the pictures. I think it is so cute how they say your name. I would pick your treat bag over theirs any day.

  12. What fun can never get enough of the adorable!!

  13. I love YOUR snack bag the BEST!!

    Snick, Sunshine and Brilliance

  14. AH... Memories!! The gals were a lot of fun... I still need to post my trip.


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