Friday, July 25, 2008

Salsa Swim Time Fun!

I returned home last weekend but still have lots of fun pics to share with you. It was a crazy week at work so am a little behind in getting my posts up but hopefully this weekend you'll see a lot of the Salsa sweeties plus a couple of other friends too.

A couple of days after the girls woke up from their naps we were pool bound. The weather was perfect, the girls ready to go and Mary-Mia and I were looking forward to having fun with the girls in the pool. We started with the 'big' pool then would graduate to the small, warmer wading pool just hanging out and splashing around.

The girls have these great little inflatable bathing suits that have inserts in them something like water wings. Once we played with the amount of air in them the girls were good to go. By the end of the second day Rosie was saying, 'No touch Cafrin' and she was swimming on her own! Way to go Rosie!!

Here Marie is checking out her little belly. Her little grin looks like it's saying, 'You think there are just floaties in here Cafrin...really I'm packing a pooltime snack for later!'

What peace of mind these great little suits offer. Although the girls could easily stand up in the wading pool and mamma and I were never much more than an arms length away from them, it allowed them a lot more freedom to splash around and make sure that mamma and Cafrin got good and wet too!

The second day we were joined at the pool by Donna and her cuties Maddy and Gwen. We enjoyed more swimming fun and then supper poolside. Nothing like supper in the summer sun with good friends!

Here are a few other pics of our poo time fun:



Trying (not too successfully) to get a pic of the 4 girlies together.

Maddy showing me her adorable 'Kung Fu Panda' face. Shhh...don't tell her but this little face makes me just want to scoop her up in a big ole' hug!

Marie chillaxin as she watches the others.

Gwen. I'm guessing she hasn't quite learned how to read yet.

All too soon it was time to go home for the night. One quick snuggle before we go. Oh how I miss those snuggles!!!


  1. What fun Catherine! LOVE that last pic of you with the girls, adorable.

  2. Those girls are some great snugglers! All the pics are terrific!

  3. They are just so freekin' adorable!!!

  4. Good times! Vacations are the best.


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