Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rose's Special Night

You may remember a few weeks back Mary-Mia blogged about a fun evening of baking she'd shared with Marie. This time it was Rosie's turn!!

On this particular night I'd sat with Marie for a few minutes when she went to bed while Mary-Mia was with Rose. I'm guessing it wasn't 2 minutes after Marie's little head hit the pillow before she was out for the night. Hmmm...could it be because she'd skipped her nap that afternoon? How did that happen? It couldn't possibly be because I'd succombed to her cries (ok....after about 30 seconds of crying I'd succombed to her cries) and gone back in to settle her. Knowing she had a weakling newbie on the job she'd milked it for all it was worth and when Mary-Mia returned from the dentist she'd found me sitting on the floor of Marie's room with my head resting on her bed. I think I may have been dozing but she was still wide awake! Score 1 for Marie! (Hmmm...I'm thinking I won too as I had some extra snuggle time with this little sweetie!)

Another bonus to MM's dentist appt. (and I'll just say the only bonuses were on our side and not the side of poor M3 who would prefer to be just about anyplace other than the dentist!) was that I was able to pick the girls up at preschool. Mary-Mia talked to the girls about it before dropping them off so they were aware that Cafrin would be the one picking them up and they weren't surprised when mamma wasn't there. When I opened the door to their room I wasn't prepared for the rush of love that would sweep over me as these 2 adorable little girls came running to me, calling my name and jumped into my arms as I leaned down to greet them! It gave me goosebumps and was just a little glimpse of what it will be like to have Hannah come running to greet me!

Back to the evening of 'Rosie fun.' Mary-Mia gave her the option to do anything she wanted and what made us laugh was that after she and Marie had dined on about a 10 course supper only hours before, she wanted a snack! :o) (Talk about amazing eaters! Those little girls will try anything and even like things that Mary-Mia and I weren't appreciating. Neither she nor I were feeling the love of the seaweed sprinkles but the girls thought they were deeelish so who were we to discourage them?)

Rose started her evening of fun by making chocolate chip cookies. She did pretty much every single step and did a great job!!

Poured the mix into the bowl.

Added the butter.

Mixed the batter.

Discussed the progress of the cookies with mamma.

Licked the spoon clean.

Helped mom put her cookies on the baking sheet and then waited for them to bake.

More spoon cleaning with mamma.

Would you believe of all the ooey gooey goodness that came out of the oven I forgot to take a single picture of us enjoying them? You can be sure that they were great and all we had left to prove that were a few crumbs.

After the cookies were done there was still time for some late night snuggles and yes, a little snack.


  1. Mmmm-m!

    Looks like its just non-stop fun, at Casa de Twins!

  2. Catherine,

    So glad you are home safely and now regroup for anonther visit! Also, I'm thankful for your blog so Ican see pics of the little ones, tee hee. thanks for all your comments on the blog.

  3. What a great time!! Looks like everyone had the time of their lives!

  4. Of fun!, you are a great writer by the way,I love your entries

  5. How fun to click on your blog and see these cool pics!! We've been going non-stop for weeks and I forgot all about the little night cookies with Rose. Sweet.

    The hugs and squealing at preschool pickup are THE BEST. Just the best. I swear I start smiling a couple of blocks away just thinking about it.

  6. Fun times! Those one on one moments with twins is so wonderful.

  7. Looks like you had a great visit with the salsa family!!!

    Marie and Rosie are just too cute....they are lucky to have "Aunt Cafrin" in their lives!

    Thanks for visiting our blog!

    Have a great Sunday!


  8. Lovin' your visit pix and posts. Really picks up my spirits! Thank you!

  9. I bet those cookies were delicious!


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