Saturday, May 06, 2006

Road trip! Nursery Furniture - check!

After work yesterday, Carol and I headed on our road trip to New York State, approx. 2 hours from home. We took the 407 which is a local toll road to avoid Friday night traffic. Good move! We arrived at the border just 2 hours after leaving home and Kmart was only a few miles from there. Woohoo! (I'll dedicate a seperate post to our fun at Kmart.)

Once Hannah's furniture was safely stored in the van it was time to fit in as much shopping as we could before the stores closed!

Here's Carol checking out a new purse at Payless. Who says the little mirrors on the floor can only be used for checking out feet?

Right next door was an outlet mall. While we didn't buy anything we did find some new shades to try on. Anyone know where they're holding auditions for 'The Fly II?'

Before hitting Walgreen's it was time for trip number 1 to the 'Drive Thru' ATM. Ummm Carol....where's your car?

After Walgreen's and Target it was back to another ATM for withdrawal number 2! (Shhhh...Don't tell David.)

We had a late supper at Denny's then called it a night. Hit the border about 11:30, paid our taxes to the Cdn. government. (What? We Can't bring $500 of stuff back after 5 hours? Guess it's not a $100/hour limit. Don't they know how we like to shop?)

Just before midnight all was good as we were back in our beloved Canada with Tim's to prove it!

The rest of the drive went well even with the rain. Traffic was light, laughter and talking were in abundance! We pulled into Carol's driveway around quarter to 2 which means we made great time travelling home too. Thank you Lord for safety while travelling!

Here's Carol loaded down with her loot. It looks like lots but lets just say Jacob is set with Cocoa Krispies for quite a while! David, your only request was that I have Carol home in time to 'make your breakfast.' (Right!!!) Sure hope you like Cocoa Kispies!!

Thanks SO MUCH Carol for the amazing road trip! It was a ton of fun!!


  1. That picture of you two with the sunglasses on had me cracking up! Can't wait to see pics of the crib up!

  2. AHhh man do I wish I lived near you!!! lol

    I LOVE the furniture set for Hannah!!! Can you go get me one too????

    I want all white stuff for Annaliese as well because we are thinking of doing purplish walls!!

    So glad you were able to do this fun stuff!!!

  3. I have the same set for our little girl. My mom called and let me know about it and I couldn't resist. It is such a cute set all put together. Love all the pictures.


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