Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Doris' Layout for Hannah's Book

This pretty pink layout was created by Doris of Montreal, Quebec. I love the beautiful photo of the pink flower she included and the ladybugs pop right off the page!

Thanks Doris!


  1. Very pretty page and I love the Celtic proverb.

    I'm still planning on doing a page and will hopefully get to it soon!

    Donna :)

  2. Sooo beautiful!!!

    I'm getting more excited (and more brave) to make Hannah's page soon!!


  3. Hey Dawn, It would help if I could finally find time to put the kit together for you that I promised. Not sure where the time goes every day! This week it was interview prep and getting ready for the garage sale. Hopefully I'll get it in the mail, along with Annaliese's wish, next week.


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