Saturday, May 06, 2006

Adventures at Kmart

Ok, who else in their right mind would devote an entire post to picking up furniture at a store? friend Carol! Upon leaving home yesterday I quickly found that she is about as crazy as I am about taking pics so we documented every single step (and I mean every) single step! LOL! We'd been in the car for 2 1/2 hours, had needed to use the 'restroom' (as opposed to the 'bathroom' here in Canada) since way before crossing the border, had laughed waaay too much needing to use such facilities so you can imagine our horror when we arrived at Kmart to see a big sign, 'Restrooms closed for renovations!' Oh no!!! Thankfully we were pointed to the family one so all was good. It was a 2 seater but we still decided to wait it out and go it alone. The girl who helped us out in our hour of need ended up being the one who found Hannah's furniture...but wait, I'm getting ahead of myself!

Our first stop (after a few sidetrips to womens and kids clothes) was at the baby dept. The furniture was on display. Did I think to take picutures of any of the pieces I purchased? No! Carol did snap this one of me checking out the armoire (which I did not purchase.) It was really nice but the drawers were smaller than the dresser drawers so I stuck with my original plans and bought the dresser. A great surprise when I arrived was to learn that the back of the crib that converts to a daybed also becomes a headboard for a full bed! Yeah!

Next we made out way to the service desk where I was to go to arrange to pick up the furniture that I'd called and put on hold at 8:30 that morning. None of them knew anything about it. Oh no! All this way possibly for nothing? It couldn't be and you know I popped up a quick, 'Lord, We need your help with this one prayer!' They asked who I'd talked to as I said it was either Kim or Karen. Some sort of 'K' name. You know me with names! Carol went to the van to get my sheets with the information on them and it said the girl's name was Kelly. Well, it started with a K!

'Helpful Girl' decided to see what she could do to help us out so we followed her to the area where items placed on hold would be. In just a few minutes out she came with this cart fully loaded with our boxes.

Enter 'Not Shy Stock Guy.' (Shy no, but maybe a little afraid of these picture snapping crazy women - Yes!) He was very helpful too, pushed the trolly to the front, cut off the tags and waited for me the make the payment.

Once again, these crazy Canadians asked a Kmart employee 'Check-out Girl,' to pose for a picture. I think she's thinking, 'I'm posing for a picture after just checking someone out? Why? Wait 'til the gang hears about this!'

The final player in our Kmart scenario now enters the scene and I'll call him 'Shy Stock Guy.' He was a lot of help and even posed for this pic.

If you're reading this: Helpful Girl, Not Shy Stock Guy, Check-out Girl or Shy Stock Guy....THANKS!!! You guys are the best! Let your boss know you went the extra mile for these customers and we are very thankful!

Once the van was loaded our other shopping adventures that I wrote about earlier today began.

This morning my parents arrived bright and early at 8:30, we unloaded the van and the furniture now waits in the (very messy) basement until closer to referral.

Hey Dad, can I book you for a day of furniture assembly next February? I promise it won't be nearly as painful as making you come to my kids piano recital! (Oh yah, make sure June 8th is marked on your calendar. I know you don't want to miss this year's recital!)


  1. WOW!! All those people sure are having a laugh in the lunch room today forsure!! lol

    Looks like so much fun!!

  2. Looks like you had quite an adventure! I'm so glad you were able to get the pieces you wanted. If you put the crib together any time soon, I'd love to see a pic. We haven't put ours together yet. I hope it's as nice as the other pieces.

    Donna :)

  3. OK you guys are too funny with all those pictures!!! Love it. It's just like something I would do. Take care,

  4. What a great post! Sounds like a great time! Beautiful furniture and the adventure will be a great story to tell Hannah one day!

    I love that you documented the trip with pictures! I so do that all the time!

    Keep smilin!

  5. oK This was just too funny.....I can just imagine what the other people in the store thought of you snapping all those photos in KMart!!!

  6. I like how you do things!
    Thanks for visiting us. It will be fun waiting along with you for Hannah...
    Toby, Charlie, Emily & Carly


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