Thursday, June 04, 2015

We Partied Until We Could Party No More!

Birthdays are a time of celebration in our home, even for Mommy.  I love any reason to celebrate with my girl, especially when it means extra time with her, family and friends!

Friday night we started the weekend by inviting my SIL, niece and nephew over for a dinner of hot dogs, salad and chips (yes – we’re fancy like that!) followed by a trip to a local frozen yogurt store.IMG_7506

Sunday morning I woke to the sweetest little voice saying, ‘Happy Birthday Mommy!!’  My little love had been working on her gifts for weeks and Saturday while I was outside working on the lawn and gardens she hid her gifts of love around the house.  IMG_7594

IMG_7512Each gift had a balloon hidden with it too.   I’m not sure if it was more fun opening the gifts or watching Hannah chase the balloons she asked me to blow up over and over again.

Hannah also created a sweet breakfast for us to share.  IMG_7508

After church we went to Nana and Papa’s for our weekly Sunday lunch that we always look forward to.  It was a time of celebration there too.  IMG_7525

Gifts were shared including these beautiful flowers!  Papa bought roses for me IMG_7523and this sweet bouquet for Hannah.  Her flowers reminded me of the bouquets I bought myself each month as I waited for her referral!IMG_7520


Sunday evening I chose to spend a quiet evening at home with my little love and complete the birthday celebrations the next day. 

It’s been our tradition for years that Mom and Dad take Hannah and I to our favourite Chinese food buffet for my birthday.  Always so good and I always eat too much…except it’s okay because birthday’s come but once a year!IMG_7551




Hannah and Grandpa with their loving facesIMG_7563

and then Hannah’s ‘GRANDPA don’t tease me face!’IMG_7564

It was an absolutely perfect birthday weekend shared with the love of my life, family and friends.  I am truly blessed beyond measure!!IMG_7556

And….in case you don’t believe that we partied until we could party no more, this is how Hannah arrived home each evening last weekend!  We could be talking until we drove into the garage and by the time I got back to get her out of the car just moments after dropping our stuff in the house, this is what I found each night!IMG_7572

Pure (snoring) sweetness!


  1. Sounds you like the most amazing birthday! Well deserved. I love each and every picture they capture your birthday fun magnificently! Hannah is absolutely adorable!! Thank you for sharing your day. TR

  2. What a wonderful birthday! I love adorable party girls!

  3. Happy Belated birthday Mommy!! Hannah is amazing, she captures your heart for sure. She has changed so much, a lot taller, longer hair and still adorable. The birthday surprises were awesome. What fun she has had getting them prepared, made with lots of love for sure. Hope you and Hannah continue having a great summer with friends and family. !! Love keeping up with you two.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! What great traditions! Hannah is so adorable; you have the sweetest daughter! Enjoy! (okay, you used to post everyday, are you as worn out as I am from blogging? I keep it up as I make a photo book out of it each year...). :)

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

    1. Yes, you're right Alyson!! Too busy having fun to post each day but still like to do it for the books. get my act together and start publishing our books again!! 😊


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