Thursday, June 18, 2015

Piano Recital 2015

Last week I hosted a piano recital for my students and it was wonderful!  In the past I have always shared the recital with a great friend but unfortunately this year it didn’t work out.  When I first found out I would be on my own I briefly considered cancelling it as I only have 5 students but just as quickly knew that they would shine and I wanted to offer them the opportunity to share their music with family and friends!  I’m so glad I went forward with it!

Hannah was there to play for me and she was also a big help in preparing for the recital by helping Mom and I!  Thanks Hannah!IMG_7633 copy

She played Twinkle, Twinkle once again and then we played our duet.  What a special moment it is to play piano with my girl!!

My students!  They all played so well!IMG_7655

Two of my students are good friends of Hannah’s.  It was fun to see the 3 of them running around together playing after the recital.IMG_7674

Kaitlyn has been my student for almost 10 years and her playing has progressed to a level where I have taken her as far as I can.  In September she’ll be moving to Hannah’s Nana for lessons and I look forward to hearing how she progresses!  It has been such a treat teaching you Kaitlyn!!IMG_7660

Here are a couple of Kaitlyn’s pieces from the recital.  Beautiful playing!!

One of my co-workers is an amazing baker and she made these cookies for me.  They tasted as great as they look!!IMG_7631

I created little covers for the water bottles and the kids thought it was neat to see their names on the bottles!  It was a fun little surprise for them!IMG_7630

I am so thankful these girls and the pleasure of teaching them to play the piano.  The one evening I teach each week Hannah enjoys time with Grandma and Grandpa.  Another wonderful year of teaching and I’m looking forward to September as a whole new curriculum has been introduced!


  1. These pictures are super sweet (no pun intended). I loved the duet of you and Hannah. You guys are awesome! I am sure your students adore you just as much as you adore them. You have the biggest heart Catherine. Thank you for sharing the recital. It was a treat to listen to. TR :)

  2. The cookies look wonderful. So glad everything turned out so well for your recital. Hard to believe we're now into August. Before we know it, we'll be preparing to go back to school. We've started taking about the activities Charlotte will participate in in the Fall. She definitely wants to resume gymnastics; I'd also like to introduce her to piano/music (there are a number of instruments to choose from her at the house, but I'd like her to get a good foundation in reading music and playing the piano before she ventures into learning another instrument). I look forward to the day that Charlotte and I can play a simple piano duet together. Would love to have a look through your music books, if I may. What syllabus do you and Nana (is this Sharon?) use? Was considering Susuki, but now that Charlotte knows her letters down pat, I'm wondering if we should get right to learning notes. She knows about rhythms and beats and some note values from the music teacher at school. Perhaps we can chat at our gathering later this month.

  3. Hey Catherine. It’s not the numbers. It’s the warmth and joy you bring to people. Going on with the recital with those cute name-labeled bottles was the way to go! May your tribe increase.


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