Saturday, June 27, 2015

My SK Grad

My amazing little girl graduated from Senior Kindergarten on Wednesday!!  DSC_1430

Processing in to their graduation. 

Graduation Poem (And to help with the words….’I am a graduate, yes it’s true!  I am a graduate ooo-ooo-ooo!  A tiny little paper is what I’ll get.  So you ought to be proud, cause I’m a graduate!!)

It seems like just yesterday that this sweet baby was placed in my arms in China and now she’s a SK grad!!  When Mrs. Creighton called her name she positively beamed as she walked acrossDSC_1392 to collect her diploma.DSC_1393

In Hannah’s school all of the kindergarten classes are made up of 50% Junior Kindergarten children and 50% Senior Kindergarten children and they go to school full days, 5 days a week.  Hannah’s school also keeps the children with the same teachers for 2 years so Hannah was blessed to be with Mrs. Creighton (l – teacher) and Ms. Hails (r - TA) for both years.  I cannot express how much I appreciate and love these ladies who have played such a huge part of Hannah’s life for the past 2 years!  I helped in her class 1 morning every 3 weeks so we got to know one another well too and it was great to see Hannah in the environment she spent so much time in.  She went in able to count to about 20 (skipping a few Winking smile) and knew how to write her name and some letters but that was about it.  She now knows how to count to 100 (can’t write all the numbers…yet), do math in a variety of ways (10 square, tallies, number lines, etc.), print with confidence her upper and lower case alphabet, read small books and more!  She has even started experimenting with writing by sounding out words and does very well!  (Yes, proud Mamma here!!)DSC_1433

They sang and signed this beautiful song too.  Love it!

And, like any good grad, a celebratory dance broke out!  (LOL!  It’s easy to see why I put shorts on Hannah under her dresses.) 

Hannah had a number of good friends in her class but these 3 were inseparable!


and knew how to have a silly time together!DSC_1412

Hannah was excited to have Grandma and Grandpa attend her graduation.DSC_1407

Sharon and Toni, Thank you for all you taught Hannah!  Things like reading and writing yet also about things that cannot be measured.  She is a more confident, caring, aware little girl who has learned so much from you about how to be a productive, involved little girl in her class.  What you’ve taught her are things that she will take with her forever and I cannot express my appreciation to you enough!DSC_1432

Hannah, Mommy could not be more proud or pleased with you!  You are the light of my life and I have enjoyed walking through kindergarten with you and all the new things you have learned and taught me!  I’m excited to see what you will learn next year and the new adventures that God has for you!DSC_1406

It was a big decision but I truly believe the right one for us as I have chosen to move Hannah to a new school in September.  She has loved her time in her current school but I have decided to open up a new world to her and send her to a French Immersion school in our area.  Not only will she have the opportunity to learn a new language but I believe it will be a good decision in many ways.  Thankfully it is still in our district so she will continue to go to Ange’s after school, she will just continue her education in French.  In Canada, having a second language will be helpful later in life and I feel now it will be a good challenge and she will flourish in her new school just as she did at this one!

Congratulations my little SK Grad!  Mommy is so proud and loves you SOOO much!!!!!


  1. Wow, awesome! Can't wait to hear how the new school goes!!

  2. Congratulations Hannah, wow sounds like you had a fun filled day. You deserve it because i know you have worked very hard ......and Mommy you still make me smile when i read your blog, so much love you give this precious little are doing an amazing job !!!

  3. Hannah is such a beautiful little girl! I am excited for her to be in French immersion. I have loved it for my kids. It's like magic listening to them speak French!

  4. Congratulations Hannah! Your graduation ceremony was so cute just like you! Now you are off to 1st grade! Catherine: You're right, time sure flies!!! Enjoy every single second as before we know it they will be graduating high school. What awesome pictures!! TPR


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