Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Sweet Twirler’s First Baton Recital!

As a child I twirled baton for about 8 years and this year Hannah chose to follow in Mommy’s footsteps and twirl too.  IMG_7609

Tonight was her first baton recital!  My sweet little Olaf.IMG_7611

As she and her teammates walked onto the gym floor I was overwhelmed with awe once again that I am the Mommy of this most amazing little girl!  Tears immediately sprang to my eyes just at the sight of her.  I hope I never, ever lose these ‘pinch me’ moments!!IMG_7615

Hannah was excited and yet  a little nervous too which is understandable!  I enjoyed watching her (through my tears of joy) and had to giggle as I saw her directing her friends little bits throughout the routine.  Yes, she is her mother’s daughter!!

The girls also did a cute little pom routine.

Way to go Hannah!!!

Hannah was blessed to have wonderful coaches this year who taught her so much!  Coach Jackie:IMG_7613 - Copy

Coach JamieIMG_7612

Grandma and Grandpa were able to come out and support their littlest twirler too.  Oh the memories the recital brought back for all of us!  (Uncle Dave I believe stayed as far away as possible as he still has nightmares about the years of torture he endured attending my competitions week after week and listening to march music ad nausium) Crying face)IMG_7628

Mommy is so proud of you Hannah!  It was such a treat watching you twirl this year and I will be excited to see what you choose to do in the fall.  She hasn’t quite decided between gymnastics and baton but right now it appears gymnastics is winning out.  Time will tell.P6104833


  1. Hannah did amazing!!! I love pinch me moments - they are the best!

  2. Ahh ! Make me cry!! Xo Coach Jackie is so proud of you!

  3. Oh how adorable! Good job, Hannah!

  4. Wow, wow, wow! What cute video's! Hannah is a STAR!!! I really enjoyed watching her. She is sooooo cute!!!! And she has THE BEST Momma around! Very blessed all around. Thank you for sharing. TR.


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