Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother’s Day 2015

Mother’s Day was absolutely perfect!  Hannah woke me with a sweet ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ shortly after 7am.  She had created a scavenger hunt by hiding cards and gifts around the house the day before so our day began with a fun little hunt.

First I was asked to stay in bed while she ran to her toy room.  She then began to ask the spelling of words which I provided, all the while wondering what the treat that she was working on would look like.  She ran in and ‘hid’ it under a pillow but still insisted I play the ‘hot and cold’ game to find it.  Mommy’s acting skills came in handy as I looked in all the wrong places first. Winking smile  Here is her sweet note:


(LOL!  This one you have to read by wrapping up at the end.  ‘I’m thankful for you Mommy that all that you do so hug me and kiss me.’ SO precious!!)

After this I found a gift in my closet before we moved to downstairs. IMG_7323  This sweet little box held a bracelet she had made, a bead tied with a ribbon, 4 paperclips in Canadian colours as we prepare to cheer on team Canada during the Pan Am games plus some of her Easter chocolates.IMG_7326

She also made this adorable little container that we have already decided we will use to save coins for our September Disney trip.


This is the last card that she made.  She cut up her Mylar Frozen birthday balloon to make it.  I love her creativity!IMG_7331

My beautiful girl – God’s most precious gift that changed my name forever to…Mommy!  Oh how I love you Hannah XiaoFen!!!IMG_7322

After church we shared a quiet afternoon at home together which doesn’t happen often and we both drank it in.  For supper we met my mom and dad at our traditional Mother’s Day dinner location and enjoyed a wonderful evening together!

Grandma and HannahIMG_7338

Grandpa and our girlIMG_7346 - Copy


IMG_7351 - Copy


Thank you for the most wonderful Mother’s Day Hannah!  Mommy loves you more than I can express!!! xoxoxoIMG_7342


  1. Wow Disney again? You save well! I have to choose between the cruise or theme park because doing both in a year is too much. My husband loves eating out on the weekends.

    I love Hannah's idea of doing a treasure hunt. Creative girl!

    1. We love our Disney time and the amazing amount of together time it gives the two of us!

  2. What a sweetheart! I love all those hand made crafts. Hannah is a great artist!

  3. Very creative little girl that Hannah! I am absolutely positive that she gets that trait from her Mommy! You both make a great team! Love the photos & stories :) Tammy R.

  4. A perfect Mother's Day! Love her gifts to you!


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