Monday, May 18, 2015

Long Weekend…Family…Beautiful Weather….Perfect!!

This weekend was our annual ‘May 24th’ weekend which always makes me laugh as the 24th never falls on the holiday weekend!  Oh well, we’re thankful to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Birthday whenever they want to give us a long weekend!IMG_7369


Friday evening Hannah and I chilled together packing and preparing to head north to Nana and Papa’s trailer on Saturday.  We arrived shortly after noon, enjoyed lunch together and then we helped a bit with the opening of the trailer for the season.IMG_7362

Papa freaked all of us out a little bit as he unhooked the awning.IMG_7363

After helping out there was lots of time for relaxingIMG_7364

and cuddles.  Nana gave Hannah a reader that she was given by her daddy when she was just 5yo and Hannah loves it!  Much of it was read to her over the weekend.IMG_7361

We ran into town to pick up a few groceries and new indoor shoes for Hannah.  My kiddo has always loved balls and this time she climbed right in!IMG_1150

As we were leaving town Hannah ‘innocently’ asked ‘Are we near the candy store?’ 

‘Why yes we are!  Would you like to stop?’

‘Oh, that would be nice!’  LOL – She had a plan and mission accomplished!!  We love this old fashioned candy store and it’s a regular stop most times we go in to town.  Next visit I promise will include ice cream!!IMG_1144

Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day!!  We took the golf cart for it’s inaugural ride of the season as we rode it to chapel.  IMG_3630

After lunch Hannah and I headed to the ‘ship park’ to enjoy some fun in the sun.  There was a group of teens up at the camp for the weekend and they invited Hannah to play ‘Grounders’ with them on the ship and she had a blast!IMG_7380

They really were the sweetest kids and were so kind to Hannah.  A few tried to climb this rope then Hannah took hold and up she went…and they all cheered for her!IMG_7370

I think she surprised a couple of them when she decided to flip upside down on the rope.

After we left she said, ‘Mommy, it’s neat that those kids were born in China just like me!’  Even though the ones I spoke with were born here in Canada, their parents had been born in China and it was neat for her to have this time with these kids!IMG_7378

The walk back up to the trailer included a stop at the little store.  A freezie was the perfect treat on this beautiful day!IMG_7387

Wanting to squeeze as much out of our first camping experience of the year  we jumped at the chance to join Japhia, John and their family for Smores around their fire!IMG_7389

Why only eat a smore when you can wear it as well?IMG_7397

Thank you Nana and Papa for inviting us to share this weekend with you!

On our drive home today we stopped at a local country store to pick up a few groceries since all the grocery stores were closed for the holiday.  The dandelions are in full bloom and what Mommy can resist watching her little one enjoy a sea of dandelions?!IMG_7406


I am so thankful for the weekend we shared together!  The first of many this summer!  YAY!!!


  1. Looks like a blast!!! Hannah is adorable!

  2. Love the pic of you two! The candy store looks like such a fun place! I'd be a regular! Oh yes, Papa please get down. You are making me nervous. Ha!

  3. Love all the green. In California we are brown and crunchy!

  4. What a gorgeous weekend to go along with your beautiful photos! Back to work tomorrow! Alas... Time flies when you're having fun! Tammy R.

  5. Such fun, a mini-vacation in the country! Going to church in a golf cart is best! Have a great week!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  6. What a great weekend! Looks like so much fun!


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