Monday, May 04, 2015

Back to the Cross

Hannah joined the children’s choir at our church for kids in SK through Grade 2, in January.  She was a little hesitant that first night but after a warm welcome by the leaders and a special evening of fun, she came out happy and asked when she could go back again!  Week after week she was excited to go to choir while I went to a small group elsewhere in the church.  It was fun to drop off her off as she’d run into the room and then bounce out when it was over, excited to tell me about her evening!  Some of the songs that were to be part of the musical she kept to herself and others I’d hear her singing through our house.  I tell you, there is nothing better than hearing your child sing praise and worship songs as she goes throughout her day!

Friday evening was their dress rehearsal and they began it with prayer.  Oh how this warms my heart!IMG_7241

Today was the culmination of months of hard work and Hannah did so well!!  The kids started off the day by singing at the morning services.


Tonight was the musical, ‘Back to the Cross’ where the 2 kids choirs numbering around 100 children sang their little hearts out!

Hannah’s teacher came to hear her sing as did one of her little friends.  Hannah was so excited to have them there!IMG_7270

A fun celebration wearing her silly straw glasses after an amazing evening of singing praises to our Lord!IMG_7276


You did so well Hannah!  Mommy loves to see and hear you sing!!IMG_7289


  1. What a great way to worship. Good job, Hannah!

  2. Hannah seems to enjoy church events. She always fits right in. Will she be doing first communion? I remember picking out my dress and headband with my mother was one of my favorite childhood memory.

    1. That sounds like a precious memory you shared with your mom!

      At our church we do things a little differently and do not have a formal First Communion although we were blessed to attend Hannah's friend's First Communion on Saturday. (The little friend in the picture above.)

      At our church each person is invited to make a personal decision to invite Jesus to be their personal Saviour. At that time many choose to begin to take communion. Hannah made this decision to ask
      Jesus into her heart at 4ho but we'll wait for her to begin taking communion until she is older and realizes the significance and truly understands what communion is.

  3. What a great performance! I love how confident and happy she is on stage and so sure of the steps! Way to go Hannah! I'm sure you are so proud Mom!

  4. It is so wonderful seeing Hannah being brought up in church. She done great doing her song, and you could tell she really enjoyed it. You are a wonderful Mommy Catherine.Do you know anything about Roe and Ree? Its been a long time since M3 has posted, i really miss reading her blog. Just hope all is well with them. You are truly a blessing Hannah.

  5. Hannah is such an awesome entertainer! She sure has talent for a 6 year old. Loved the piano playing, singing and dancing! Good job!! Looking forward to some more musical performances. Tammy R.


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