Sunday, May 24, 2015

First Filling

Our dentist Dr. Tim (a family friend from church) has been keeping an eye on one of Hannah’s teeth for the past couple of years as she had a little hole in the top of it up near the gum line and over time that hole began to get bigger and easily trapped food.IMG_7414

Since it is a tooth that she will have for a few years yet we decided to fill it.

I will say that Hannah has beautiful teeth which is evidence of how well her birth mother cared for herself while she was carrying Hannah.  I will forever be grateful to God for this dear woman who carried my daughter for the first 9 months of her life. 

Hannah enjoys going to the dentist so on Tim’s advice I didn’t make a big issue out of this and didn’t talk about it too much.  When we got there she showed him a bird’s nest she was taking to school for Show ‘n Share and then settled in for a little chat.  LOL – Pretty comfy I’d say!


The entire appointment was only about 10 mins in length and she was awesome from start to finish.IMG_7417



All done and looking fine!IMG_7425

Way to go Hannah!!  IMG_7424

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  1. You are very brave Hannah!!! Hope you have a wonderful summer and do a lot of fun things. I will be checking back in to hear about how your summer is going. My grandaughter ( from China) is leaving Sat. for Disneyworld. ( she saw all your pics and the friends you met at Disney) She is very excited. Be safe sweetie!! ( you have a wonderful loving Mommy)


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