Friday, November 21, 2014

Hanging Out in ‘The Villages’

After the Christmas party, the next few days were wonderfully low key.  Breakfasts on the lanai.  IMG_5696

We enjoyed tooting around in the golf cart IMG_5654

plenty of shopping and Hannah enjoyed tons and tons of time with her grandparents!  Craft time IMG_5680

game night IMG_5705

and cuddle time.IMG_5782

We love the relaxed atmosphere in the villages and it’s great to step aside from daily routines and just share time together. 

Our favourite tree.  It’s so beautiful and it’s so different from anything that we have at home.IMG_5666




Hannah found a new friend when we were shopping but mommy and nana said, ‘no!’ Surprised smile  I didn’t budget for an extra plane seat for Olaf! Winking smileIMG_5700

This story still makes me laugh!  On the Saturday when we were driving home after touring all over The Villages, the cart shuttered a bit and I looked down to see this:IMG_5770

Although we were only about 10 minutes from home I was pretty sure we weren’t going to make it, especially with 4 of us in the cart.  Oops!!oops

I called dad and he came to rescue us by brining the charger…and lots of digs to rent a (NOISY…ick!!) gas cart next time.  Um…nope!get a gas cart

We needed to plug in for a bit so dad took Hannah and Larry back to the house while Sharon and I waited for the cart to charge up…tucked into the entrance of a closed bank as it was the only outlet we could find.  Larry and I asking, ‘What were we to do?’who us

Sharon and I made the best of it but catching some last rays before flying home.  Thankfully the sirens we heard went elsewhere.  Phew!!IMG_2573

Once we were charged up and Sharon had helped navigate me back to the road I suddenly shouted, ‘I’m outta here!  See ya!!’ and floored it!  LOL!  I looked back to see her doubled over in laughter!  Yes, I am my father’s daughter!!


Oh how we love this family time together!!IMG_5779

I am so thankful Hannah and I are privileged to spend this time with her grandparents!

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