Wednesday, November 12, 2014

5 Year Forever Family Day Celebration!

Sunday, November 2nd, Hannah and I celebrated 5 years together.  She loves to look back at the pictures and videos of the day we became a family and asks me to share the details over and over again.   She is so sweet and one of her favourite things to do is re enact the photo of her with her hand on my face.  My friend had it printed and framed and it sits beside our TV and on a regular basis she crawls in my lap, puts her hand on my cheek and says something like, ‘Mommy, this is just like when we became a family.’  Such a precious moment then and now too.
This year our Forever Family Day was a busy one.  We went to church then travelled to Toronto to celebrate Hannah’s little friend’s 5th Birthday.  Happy Birthday S!

The wonderful connection that these girls share is that they were both in the same SWI in China.  Hannah left DaoXian SWI on Nov 2, 2009 and sweet S arrived there shortly after that.  S and some other friends we part of the travel group after ours who also travelled to Hunan so Hannah and I went to their travel preparation meeting in 2010 and were taken under their wing and now get together with them numerous times a year.  What a blessing to have not just 1 but 2 travel groups to grow up with and Hannah is blessed to call these girls her friends! 
Charlotte and Hannah

S’ birthday party was a cooking class and Hannah loved it!  They made pizza, fruit kabobs and decorated cup cakes.  I’ll need to keep this idea in mind when Hannah’s birthday rolls around  if I decide to do a birthday party for her.

When we left the party we hit the road on our way to our annual celebration with the families we travelled to China with.  It is always a treat to spend time with these families as we shared such an amazing, life changing time together!!!
The girls have grown and changed so much from the babies they were in 2009!

And a walk down memory lane…2013

2010 (aka ‘The Year of Herding Cats!!’)
Thank you so much for hosting our celebration again this year Anna and Peter!  What a treat it is for our families to have the honour of getting together every year and catching up with one another.  I cherish each of these families and am so thankful that we continue to share this most amazing journey together!


  1. Happy Family Day! Five years....incredible. Love the trip down memory lane. What a treat for these girls to have such a special connection!

  2. Happy Forever Family Day! Looks like a wonderful day! We love celebrating too!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  3. Wow! Melts my heart!! I just LOVE that first picture of Hannah touching your cheek. I'm sure that photo is forever stamped on your heart. What an incredible journey! Such a sweet bunch of little girls. The couch photos taken over the years are simply adorable!!!! Hannah seems right at home with her gal pals. You are so blessed. xo TR


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