Monday, November 24, 2014

Daytona Beach Meet Up Number 1

A couple of days before we left FL we headed to Daytona Beach.  We spent lunch and the afternoon with friends from home who were also in FL at the same time we were.  Sam and Margaret are friends from church and it was neat to spend time with them at their beachfront hotel and get to know them better.IMG_1996

Hannah entertained herself during lunch at IHOP (yum!) but taking pics of GrandmaIMG_2480


and Olaf!IMG_2542

After lunch we made our way to the beach.  The weather was supposed to be a bit cooler that day and packing Hannah’s bathing suit never crossed my mind.  Doh!  This is a situation I would change next time.

Shell collecting started within moments of Hannah’s feet hitting the sand.  We collected shells together for a while then I wandered down the beach a bit leaving Hannah with Grandma and Grandpa.IMG_5717




When I met up with Hannah a short time later I knew we were in for fun (and later a search for a dryer) when I saw this:




She was soaked but had such a great time in the waves that I didn’t care.  We changed her out of her wet clothes into a towel and hoodie and hung out in Sam and Margaret’s room while we tossed her clothes in the dryer at their hotel.  It was all good and a ton of fun!!IMG_5740

It was great spending the afternoon with you Sam and Margaret! 

Daytona Beach….we’ll be back.IMG_5737

1 comment:

  1. Love seeing the photos of H. playing in the waves! Beautiful joy.
    Sorry we missed you again. It will be fun when we do meet again and catch up with our beautiful daughters.

    Alyzabeth's Mommy


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