Thursday, October 23, 2014

Disney 2014, Day 8 (Epcot)

(Saturday, September 27, 2014)
Today was a day that Hannah and I shared together as each family did their own thing and went our separate ways.  We were excited to go back to one of our favourite parks, Epcot, and enjoy the rides and shows there!
Knowing that the ride Maelstrom was in it’s final days before being closed to be turned into a ‘Frozen’ ride we secured a FP+ reservation for it.  Hats off to my kiddo who was willing to ride this with Mommy even though the troll in it her was scary.  A snuggle in to mommy and closed eyes helped that.  I was glad to ride it one final time but must say I’m really excited to see what it looks like as a Frozen ride.  I’m just hoping they can extend the length of the ride as I’m sure the wait will be long when it opens!  Time will tell….
Since we were right next to ‘China’ in the International Gateway we went back for a 2nd visit with Mulan.  What a sweet picture this is!  I love their gentle hands holding one another as they shared a sweet time together.IMG_5260
Hannah has always been a kiddo who loves stuffed animals and this trip she took a liking to Duffy the Bear.  As you can see by the sky behind Hannah another storm was on it’s way but we decided to wait for Duffy unless the storm arrived before he did.  I call this one, ‘Princess in Waiting’IMG_5266
Doing the ‘Warrior’ pose with Duffy that Mulan had taught her.IMG_5271
After riding Soarin’ IMG_5283
we went to one of our favourite restaurants at Disney, Coral Reef, and dined at a table right next to the aquarium. IMG_5276
A visit with a Goofy guy!IMG_5293
Our final ride of the day was Hannah’s choice – Test Track!!  Here she’s showing you the amazing car she designed!IMG_5306
Within minutes of this picture she asked me to pick her up so that she could ‘rest’ on my shoulder.  If you know my gal this was her code for ‘I’m done and going to sleep now’ and that’s exactly what she did! Since we were so close to the ride I popped her in anticipating her waking up as the ride started moving.  LOL – Nope!  Even though it’s fast, slow, swerving, has flashing lights and loud sounds, she was still out.  It wasn’t until the moment we entered the outdoors in the fast part that she woke up….with a big smile!  (I had been holding Hannah’s head during the ride so that it didn’t flop around and this pic was snapped by the ride cameras at the moment she woke up.)IMG_5309
Sadly we had only one more day in front of us but we were ready to enjoy it to the fullest!  Tomorrow…Magic Kingdom!

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  1. That's got to be a first! Do you know of anyone that has slept through 3/4 of Test Track?! That's amazing! Ha! What a funny picture! I'm glad she woke up smiling!


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