Monday, October 13, 2014

Disney 2014, Day 6, Part II (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)

(Thursday, September 25, 2014)
One of the highlights for us this day was to participate in the Frozen Sing-Along.  What fun we had!!IMG_5141_thumb
Hannah couldn’t help but jump out of her seat when it started to ‘snow.’  She also tried eating it and quickly discovered it was soap.  lol!
There’s snow in my hair!
Bonnie isn’t a fan of the big thrill rides and was happy to watch the kids for us while Dave, Trish, Paul and I rode Rock ‘n Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror.  I have to say Trish was hilarious on this ride as she began screaming the second they closed the doors.  One of the other gals on the ride even turned around and laughingly said, ‘She’s my favourite!!’  Heh!  Trish, you’re the only reason I’m smiling and not also screaming in this pic.  In fact, I think you’re why everyone is smiling in this pic!  Thanks for taking one for the team sis!IMG_5155_thumb
What a great day we had at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!!IMG_5162_thumb


  1. Love love love your Disney posts! Glad you all had a magical time!

  2. The Frozen Sing Along looks like so much fun! Poor girl eating soap though! Ha! I'm glad your trip was amazing, as usual! Disney just does it right!


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