Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Taste Treat–Grilled Pizza

Earlier this summer I saw a chef grilling pizza on the BBQ.  I made a mental note that when I eventually purchased a BBQ I wanted to give that a try.

So I give you, grilled pizza!  Easy, delicious and quick to whip up.  Give it a try!

First, I purchased prepared dough from the grocery store.  I’ve made my own in the Kitchen Aid a few times but this time it was all about simplicity.  As I fought with the dough to get it to a size larger than a quarter (How do they do that?  Will need to take lessons from my friend’s son who is working at a local pizza shop!) I also cooked or heated most of the pizza toppings.

Once everything was ready to go it was time to start grilling!

I put the dough directly on the grill and let the bottom get crusty.  So neat to watch it bubble and expand!IMG_4739

When the one side was grilled I brought it into the house and flipped it onto a cookie sheet with the grilled side up.  The whole thing had pizza sauce and (cooked) bacon on it.  I added mushrooms to my side making sure not even one jumped to Hannah’s side and to her side we added pineapple. (This was also a great thing to make together!) I love cooking and baking with my girl!

Cheese was then sprinkled on the entire pizza.  I need to be cautious with Hannah’s cheese intake so hers tends to have less and mine more but I did that when she wasn’t looking. Winking smileIMG_4741

Once the pizza was topped it was back to the grill for a second time.  IMG_4742

I would like to show you a pic of us digging in but it was so delicious that I forgot to take any pics.  You’ll just have to trust us that it was delicious!!

If you’re looking for a tasty new way to makeover your pizza, try baking them on the BBQ!


  1. Oh cool! Never thought of that! What kind of pizza sauce do you use? We would love to make pizza at home, but always strike out with the sauce taste so we gave up!

  2. Neither Hannah nor I are huge fans of pizza sauce so we just use a bit from a generic brand. I'm guessing it wouldn't work for you as it's pretty bland. Hope you find something because the grilling gives the pizza a delicious taste!!

  3. Looks great--we'll have to try that some time. Which BBQ did you end up buying?

    We saw 2 BBQs on sale at RCSS. We'll need to take some measurements to check the size and fit. I think it will cost us almost as much to replace the grills on our existing BBQ as it would to purchase a new BBQ. Ugh! I hate to have to replace it, as there's nothing else wrong with it.

    How is Hannah enjoying school? Charlotte is enjoying her new school and program and going to school on the bus. Today we got a call just before she came home from school--she was injured with a swing. The whole time the woman was speaking to me, I was sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for horrible news. I rushed out to meet the bus, as I wasn't sure if the woman was really downplaying the injury and how Charlotte was feeling. Of course, the bus was really late dropping her off. While we waiting, somewhat patiently at the bottom of our driveway, we saw 2 emergency vehicles whip past us going in the direction that her bus would come from. She had a bleeding nose and cut her lip. She's got a fat lip that we're trying to reduce the swelling with frozen treats.

  4. Instead of pizza sauce why not use either tomato sauce or olive oil (which I use)? You can taste all of the ingredients if you use olive oil -- just brush it on and put your ingredients on top.

    1. Great tip about the olive oil. I'm going to try that!


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