Saturday, September 13, 2014

1 Week to Disney!!

We decided the best way to spend a Friday evening the week before we go to Disney is to have supper together with the families that are going to be there with!  We had a great time and hung at McDonald’s for almost 3 hours.IMG_4746

1 week from now we’ll all be at Disney and ready to share lots of fun times together.  Hannah and I will spend about 1/2 our trip with family and friends and 1/2 of it just the 2 of us together.  A perfect combination!!  We’re going with my brother Dave, SIL Trish, niece Makenna and nephew Kallen.  Our wonderful friends Bonnie, Paul and their kiddos Nathan and Kaitlyn will be there too.  Can’t wait!IMG_4747

David and I haven’t been to Disney together since we were kids.  So thankful for this gift of time to spend together!


  1. So excited for the whole gang! I hope you have a fun and safe trip & I'll be stalking the blog for pictures! 😀

  2. Then you and David better go on a ride together that you did back then!!! Great photo

    1. I live that idea!! We 'll do that and take a pic! I don't have any pics of our first trip but some memories of Magic Kingdom and Epcot as that's all that was built at the time.

  3. You are going later this year. I cannot wait to see how your trip went.


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