Monday, September 08, 2014

Jump, jump, jump!!!

We tried out a ’trampoline place recently and Hannah had a blast with her friends Benjamin and Ava!  Ava had been to a place like this before but it was a first (but not a last is my guess) for Hannah and Benjamin.  The area where they spent the majority of their time is a bunch of trampolines all attached.  The kids got to jump to their hearts content with the understanding that it’s only 1 child per trampoline.  If a tramp by you is empty it’s fair game to hop on over…literally!

You’ll see from these pics that I need to figure out what setting to use on my camera to capture the action but I decided to post these blurry pics anyway!IMG_4642

That smile was plastered on her face the entire time…and by the end of the hour her hair was plastered to her head!  IMG_4645

We ended up being there on ‘Customer Appreciation Day’ which included free fruit and sandwiches plusIMG_4641

face painting!IMG_4652


  1. Great place--can you send the name and address of it to personal email. Would love to take Charlotte one day--she loves to jump, but it usually occurs on our beds.

    Love the face painting...beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful face painting! The trampoline places are great! We have one near the airport & it is one of Marin's favorite places! Even better that you got free fruit & sandwiches! It looks like they had a blast!

  3. What great exercise! You guys have so many adventures. I can't wait to hear about...Disney!! Thanks for your nice comments for my kids, too. They think you're pretty neat!

    1. Can't wait to meet your kiddos someday too! Hannah slelected your Christmas card the other day so we talked about you and prayed for you. That's a lot of names for this ole brain at 7:30 in the evening! :o)

  4. You know Bri loves that place! She could jump forever! Looks like Hannah could too!! :)


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