Monday, October 07, 2013

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Saturday Hannah and I celebrated a belated Mid-Autumn Moon Festival with old friends and new!  A wonderful family opened their home and threw open the doors to more then 30 people!  Thanks J&D!!

As families were arriving we spent time at a great park located just down the street from their home.  How fun to have this so close to them!  Hannah would love that!!  She ran from place to place not really sure where to start!  She found this fun wibbly, wobbly plank and asked me to come help her out a bit. 

Some of the kiddos.IMG_1041

Once back at the house we enjoyed a delicious pot-luck dinner and then the kids made fish lanterns to take on our moon parade.IMG_1052

Once outside little Izzy was happy to lead the parade!IMG_1062 - Copy

Hannah in the parade.  IMG_1072

It was fun as others walked by and asked what the children were doing.  We went around the block and the kids did great!  Last year our group only made it about 5 houses before the meltdowns started so we could see their maturity this year.  This year we were almost finished before Hannah reminded mom with her actions that it was almost bedtime.  Winking smileIMG_1075

So many great kids!!  Thankful we were able to celebrate this special festival with them!

IMG_1078 - Copy

Hannah originally wore one of her beautiful Chinese silk outfits but we quickly changed it up for play clothes when it was time to hit the park.  A few ‘before’ pics of my beautiful, amazing daughter!!IMG_1031



IMG_1034 - Copy

Happy Mid-Autumn Moon!


  1. She is beautiful in her little silk outfit from China, what a doll baby she is, and she is growing up and changing wayyyy too fast also. My little granddaughter ( from China) is doing this also, i miss the baby things so much !!! God bless your family.

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate! Such cute pictures of Hannah!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  3. What a fun idea! I love the picture of all the kids sitting on the curb!


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