Friday, October 04, 2013

Church Fun Fair

Hannah had a great afternoon at our church’s fun fair last weekend.  The weather was gorgeous and the perfect compliment to the many games and events.  We were there for 2 hours and I don’t think she ever stood still!  Well…except to have her face painted.  She always sits still for this treat.  Today’s choice a cute little dolphin.IMG_0974

There were more games than she had the time to play.IMG_0983





She chose the little horse on the handlebars of the trike as her prize.  This little guy ended up with the big name of, ‘Little Horse, Baby R’ which is a pretty big name for such a little guy.  IMG_1002

There were 5 different variations of jumping castles and she ran from one to the other.IMG_1008

There was also the company who had been at her preschool family fun day in June.  I was surprised (although by now you’d think I’d get used to!) her walking up to cages of animals we saw in June and calling them by name!  She remembered that the snake was Dolly and the spider was Charlotte.  I was just thankful this time she didn’t want to hold any of the snakes!!IMG_0984

LOL!  She was going up and down and through this one and I had trouble keeping up to her on the ground dodging the parents enjoying watching their kiddos.


All good fun fairs include fair food.IMG_1004

As with last week’s party Hannah ended her day on the back of a pony.  A hit once again with my fun loving little girl!


It was such fun to spend another wonderful afternoon with Hannah watching her run from event to event with a huge smile on her face!  So thankful that our church offers this to the community.


  1. Hannah looks so tall in this post! Such a fun loving little girl, I love it.

  2. What a beautiful day for such a great event! Love times like that!

  3. What fun! I love when churches do such fun things. I think it is a great bonding time for everyone. Hannah looks so grown up in the bike picture. Hope you are well.


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