Sunday, October 27, 2013

Applefest 2013

We live in an apple growing area and my best friend in high school lived on an apple farm.  We spent countless hours together on her farm and I have fond memories of sitting in the chilly storage area surrounded by crates of apples as high as the high ceiling just chatting and enjoying hanging out together.  As I think of these precious memories I can almost taste the cider and smell the sweet smell of the apples that were around us!  Looking back I think JoAnne’s family were ahead of their time as we had a chilled vending machine in our school that was filled with nothing but apples.  I think that was pretty rare in the early 80’s.  Unfortunately she and I don’t see each other often now but when we do it’s great to catch up on one another’s lives and I am thankful for the friendship we shared at such an important time in our lives.

Recently an annual celebration called Applefest was in a nearby small town so Hannah, Mom and I decided to go in spite of the cool, rainy day.  Mmmm…hot apple donuts from a local mill.  IMG_1119We had a great time and as it is with small town events it was fun to bump into special people.  This time it was family we came across and shared visits with before going in our separate directions.  My beautiful niece Bec (left) and 2 of her great friends.  3 special girls! IMG_1120

My brother Ken (Bec’s dad) with Alesha, and 2 of their other kiddos Keenan and Shelby.IMG_1128

Hannah had fun trying out some of the little games and rides.IMG_1122





Hannah and I enjoyed this time with Grandma as Mom and Dad are now in FL for the next 6 weeks.  We’ll be visiting them there soon (yay!!) but they’re still gone a long time.  Regardless of the weather we had a great time together!  And…one final blast from the past, fries from a local chip truck.  Just as yummy now as they were when I was in high school!IMG_1127

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