Friday, June 07, 2013

They Love Being Together!

Hannah and Makenna are only 5 months apart in age (Makenna is older) and are the closest of friends!  The cousins love being together so were super excited when they spent time together on Saturday.   We started our afternoon off by meeting at a local pool for a swim then headed back to visit at my brother and SIL’s.

Kallen watched with interest to all the fun the girls had.  I’m sure he was thinking, ‘C’mon Dad!  Just let me join them!’IMG_1479

It was rainy outside but that didn’t bother the girls in the least.  First they hunkered down in the playhouse and created beautiful bouquets from one of Trish’s hanging planters.  Heh!IMG_1470


It was only about 70o and rainy but that didn’t stop the girls from running through the c-c-c-cold sprinkler.IMG_1485

I’m sure squealing could be heard for blocks around.

Before we headed home Hannah baked for usIMG_1491

and Makenna treated us to a sweet little tune.IMG_1486

Thanks for the invite Dave and Trish.  We love spending time with you!

1 comment:

  1. What a gift . . . there's nothing quite like a best friend who also happens to be a cousin. Precious memories for years to come!



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