Saturday, June 22, 2013

Father’s Day 2013

Last weekend we had a great time celebrating Father’s Day!  Most of the family was able to meet up at Mom and Dad’s for a time of swimming, fun and mmm…BBQ.

Some of the grandchildren enjoying lunch.IMG_1780

A couple more kiddos joined in the picture with Grandma and GrandpaIMG_1789

Dad said his best gift of the day was my brothers, me and our kiddos being there to share Father’s Day with he and mom.IMG_1782

Even though the pool had only been open a week, it was a beautiful hot day and many of the kids went if for a swim.   Hannah took a while to get in but Bec was happy to float her around until she went in.  I was excited to see that Hannah can touch the bottom this year.  Yay!IMG_1805

Shelby floated along too.IMG_1807

Hannah loves hanging out with her older cousins.  Tor is an honourary cousin and we love her.IMG_1823


My silly girl wearing Grandpa’s fancy wrapping paper.IMG_1785

We celebrated Father’s Day a week earlier with Papa.IMG_1548

Happy Father’s Day Dad!  We love you!  xoIMG_1796


  1. Love some of those great pics! What a fun time!

  2. I love the photo with the hair and water. That should be entered in a photo contest. It is great and captures summer so well.

  3. First off the hair and water picture is awesome!!!!! Second, I love how family is so important to you. I love that you are able to get together so much. What a blessing.

  4. Lot's of fun! Wow to the # of kids! Your pool pic of (I'm assuming it's your niece) throwing back her hair is awesome....picture perfect!!! You captured the moment beautifully! Frame worthy!


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