Saturday, June 15, 2013

First Manicure and Pedicure

Hannah was super excited when I picked her up at Ange’s Wednesday afternoon and took her to the place where Mommy gets her nails done.  She was jumping with joy and squealing in her car seat when I told her that it wasn’t me we were going for but for her!   She’s accompanied me a few times over the years but the extent of her visit was normally playing in the water while mommy got her nails done.

This time it was all about Hannah!  She had a gentleman do her nails and he was sweet with her and took such care.IMG_1705

Since it was preschool graduation that night I was really glad she chose this soft, sparkly pink colour.  I had pictured bright red or blue or something.  Yikes!IMG_1709

If you know my Hannah you know that she’s an active little girl.  As her nails were done she couldn’t have sat more still.  I was so proud of her and she was so careful let them dry before touching them.IMG_1706LOL!  Her little toes needed a bath first since she often chooses to bring 1/2 of Ange’s sandbox home in her shoes!IMG_1708

My little girl has crazy ticklish feet which made getting her toes done a little challenging but she did great!


Enjoying the funny chair while waiting to dry.

A special treat for a very special little girl!  Mommy’s treat was the $5 price tag even after her took 20 mins to pamper my girl!  Guess who’s going to be joining Mommy for her next pedicure? Smile


  1. Gavin just asked today where all of the sand from the sandbox went lol. He filled it up 2 weeks ago & it's almost empty :) her little piggies are so cute! I too am surprised by the pink, I would've bet on her favourite colour red :)

  2. Ok, she is looking way too grown up...:)

  3. The manicure and pedicure only cost $5???

    1. Yes!! $5.00 total plus tip. :o) A bargain for sure! Wish Mommy's was the same cost. Guess they figure if they get them early they'll want to come back. Good idea! He took 20 mins to do her hands and feet too so he didn't rush at all even though they were busy. We'll be headed back next month.


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