Friday, February 08, 2013

Snow Much Fun!

Often the weather forecasters call for snow storms that don’t materialize into much.  Today that was NOT the case!  Wheee…we had so much fun!  24 hours of beautiful weather – as long as we didn’t need to drive in it!  Driving was not fun!

We woke up to about 4” so I headed outside and shovelled the driveway.  We left less than an hour later and as the garage door went up I realized I’d need to shovel again before we could leave.  Hannah was sitting in the car and I suddenly heard her call out, ‘Way to go Mommy!’  I tell you!  That’s the BEST feeling!  When I was all done she hopped out of the car and ran to me.  She said, ‘Mommy, you did great!’ and gave me a high 5!  She melts me!  I love her amazing personality!

It was touch and go for about an hour about whether I would go to work or not but I decided to give it a try and play it by ear depending on how the roads were.  The main roads were slippery although not too bad but as we neared Ange’s place there was a smallish hill to go up.  Because it’s a side street it had not yet been ploughed.  I began to skid, slide and the car almost ground to a halt.  It took about 5 mins of going back and forth to go the remaining 100’ to Ange’s place.  I dropped Hannah off and headed to work.  All the way there I went back and forth about continuing on or going back to get my girl to spend a day snuggled in at home.  Knowing I could leave at any time and clock the remainder as a vacation day I went on to work.  About 25% of the staff made it in and many chose to telework which is something I am not a participant in.  After today I might need to reconsider that!

Lunchtime arrived and my friend Pat and I decided to go for a walk in the gorgeous snow and pick up some lunch.  Isn’t this amazing?IMG_9911

Two crazy gals out for a snowy little stroll.IMG_9912


We had such fun walking in the snow!

I went back to work and then just before 2:00 was told I could leave.  Yay!  As I neared my car I was really glad I was being sent home early.  It was easy to see that just getting my car onto the road was going to be a challenge! IMG_9916

What’s difficult to see in this picture is that the snow bank created by the snow ploughs was about 3’ wide!  Yikes!  IMG_9915

Thankfully the owner of our lot was there and used his pick-up truck to plough through.  I still ended up getting stuck but he and another guy helped me out.  So thankful!  About 10 mins of rocking the car back and forth, shovelling and them pushing finally had me on my way to my baby girl!IMG_9918

Ange’s street was now impassable so I parked at the end of it and walked up to pick up Hannah and took the opportunity on my way to stop and help push someone else who was stuck.  Once I got to her we had fun walking back to our car and then heading home to shovel our driveway one final time.  We were originally going to have a Chinese New Year’s party at Ange’s tonight but postponed that due to the

When I arrived home it was easy to see that I had quite the job in front of me.  Hannah helped for a bit but then decided a snack and Mickey Mouse were calling her inside.  I appreciate what she did though before she went in…I think!  Just like last year she had more fun shovelling snow onto the driveway than off of it.  (I’d forgotten about the video posted in the link above and oh how it made me giggle!  I love how this blog offers me to opportunity to record things I’d otherwise forget!)  One of these years I’ll teach her the proper way to shovel but for now she provides wonderful moments of entertainment!  Thankfully the young guy next door came out to help and we had it cleared in about 20 mins.  I love how a snow storm brings out the good in so many people! 

One final pic.  24 hours earlier there was no snow on my front lawn.  Check it out now!IMG_9919

I’ll end this post as I did last year’s. 

We’re ready for spring!!!


  1. Oh. My. Word. !!! So much snow. That is just crazy. Love the pics.

    We're thinking of heading up to Tahoe week after next, and I'm thinking the roads might be similar.

  2. WOW. Here in the UK, we cant cope if we have a few inches. I can't imagine the reaction if we got that much snow in one day. I think there would be a mass panic.

    It looks like you had some fun in all that snow :)

  3. What M3 said. That is a crazy amount of snow.
    Hannah and you definitely make the best out of the worst though. Such fun memories.

  4. Great photos; however, the last one isn't your front lawn. Dave shovelled/blew the snow several times. I, too, love how community pulls to together when help is needed. We'll likely take Charlotte for a ride in her sled today. I would have preferred doing it yesterday while it was snowing, but there were so many crazy people zipping along our street and slipping and slidding around that I was afraid what might happen if someone lost control of their vehicle.

    Hannah is such a sweet and loving little beauty. I love hearing your stories. I definitely need to start blogging again. These are wonderful times with our preschoolers.

    1. LOL! You're right! I guess I can't call that a 'lawn' :o) I can only dream of the grass that's below it.

      I'm always shocked on days like yesterday at the number of people who choose to walk on busy roads rather than trudge through the snowy sidewalks. I know it's tough going but if they only knew how hard it was for drivers to maneuver and see during these storms they'd choose the sidewalk over the road.

      Have fun sledding today. It's absolutely beautiful out there with all the fresh snow and the sun shining brightly. What a difference 24 hours makes!!

  5. Did you make that pretty scarf she is wearing?

    1. Thank you, I did. A couple of weeks ago we were on our way to Michaels and she asked if I would make her a scarf? | couldn't buy yarn fast enough as it was the first time she'd asked me to make anything for her. It was fun to make something special for my little love!

  6. Oh that's so great! Now THAT'S a true Canadian winter! I love it. It looks so pretty and it's so much fun! And sorry Catherine . . . I'm not quite ready for spring yet. Bring on the snow!!!! :)


  7. Ooooh . . . I just noticed the beautiful scarf. Good job Mom!


  8. I have to laugh when I see pictures of what your roads look like and how you even attempted to go to work. You Canadians are tough, if that happened here we would be SHUT DOWN!
    Also, Hannah's scarf is beautiful! She must love it :)

  9. Goodness. Being a southerner I cannot ever imagine that much snow. Glad you had fun....


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