Monday, February 18, 2013

Phew! Now That Was Some Crazy Driving!!!

Saturday afternoon Hannah and I headed to visit friends who live about and hour from us.  There were flurries in the air at home and nothing was really forecasted but whoooeee….what blew in was freaky and BEAUTIFUL!! I think this may have been the worst storm I’ve ever driven in although I will say due to the slow speed we were driving and it being daytime I never felt in danger or frightened.  We just took our time and enjoyed the beauty of the snow and laughed a lot!  For about 30 mins of our drive we were moving between 8 and 12 kms/hour (6-10 mph) according to the GPS!

This is what we were seeing as we drove along.  Beyond beautiful!  Along this stretch of highway there are tall buildings lining each side of the highway but we couldn’t see them even though there were only about 200’ away!  Only the GPS gave me any idea of where we were.

I called the friend we were going to visit to tell her we’d be delayed (normally about a 15 min drive from where we were at the time) and can you believe it wasn’t snowing a flake there?!!  This was a weird snow band being brought in over a lake so one moment you’re in the sun and the next moment you’re in the midst of a blizzard!

It was one of those storms when I had to do the ‘Wiper Snap.’  I’m guessing most Canadians have experienced that little dance at least once or twice during their driving years.  The Wiper Snap is when you reach out while the wipers are going and try to grab hold of one when you can reach it and quickly lift it away from the window, allowing it to snap back onto the window to break off the accumulated snow and ice.  It was a must as this was what our window looked like and there was no way I was stopping!  IMG_0077

Our car was quickly becoming covered in snow so Hannah and I played with the snow in the car.  Smile


We drove out of the storm as quickly as we drove into it and it was clear sailing after that.  Our normal 60 min drive took about 2 3/4 hours but we arrived having had a fun time together and with stories to share!  Our car in turn arrived with a coat of ice and snow, telling it’s own tale of our blizzard adventure!IMG_0079

Thank you Lord for keeping us safe during this crazy drive!


  1. Oh Catherine you are a brave (and crazy fun lovng) soul. What a long time it took you to get there but how wonderful that you made every flurry count.

    Super Mum!

  2. And you arrived with your good attitude unharmed, too! Glad you were safe. You put us wimps in the Lower 48 to shame. Canadians rock!! :)

  3. What an adventure you two crazy girls had!


  4. Wow! What a journey. I love how you made the most of the poor driving conditions. I'm very familiar with "wiper snap"--as soon as I read this it made me think of a part of the movie Legally Blonde where Reese teaches her friends the proper way to reach for something and snap--silly, I know.
    Glad to hear that you and Hannah made it safely to your friend's and then home again.

  5. Okay, so you're driving in a blizzard and you think to pull out your phone/camera to take a movie!?!!?!?!!!! What a blogger! LOL

  6. That is amazing! And so scary! I have never heard of wiper snap - but I am a Georgia girl. :) It hasn't even snowed here in two years (much to Briana dismay)!

  7. I am so glad you got photos of that! we were in the exact same storm, me alone with the two kids my first time on the 401 as a driver. There were only flurries at home, some one who shall not be named thought I was really exaggerating the snow and driving conditions. I was too petrified to take a photo or even pick up the phone and tell our hosts we would be an hour late. Passed 6 accidents and one closed highway, only to do it again on the way home, thankfully the kids slept through the ride home.


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