Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gung Hay Fat Choi!

This past week has been one filled with lots of wonderful celebrations as Hannah and I celebrated Chinese New Year with many friends.

Our first party was a large one with many other families and was hosted by our local Families with Children from China (FCC) group.  We attended it with a group of friends from our agency who travelled to Hunan the summer after Hannah and I were there.  Hannah was most excited to have her face painted like a beautiful butterfly and she spent much time enjoying her new look in a little mirror they gave her.IMG_9847

Hannah and Charlotte enjoy playing together whenever our families are together.IMG_9868

We enjoyed a delicious 10 course Chinese dinner with friends and my sweet butterfly fell asleep in the car on the way home.   She was sad but understanding the next morning when we had to use moisturizer and a few baby wipes to remove her butterfly before church.IMG_9870

The second CNY party was a bit of an impromptu one when last Friday’s storm caused us to reschedule a party with friends.  I live on a major street so it was kept ploughed.  Some of the side streets, Ange’s included did not have their streets ploughed until more than 24 hours after the storm which kept them housebound.  Liz had ordered a cake that needed to be picked up so she also picked up Asian food  for us in the same plaza.  She had to be creative when she came to some snow drifts but made it through.  These storms cause for creative driving for sure!

When she and Ava arrived we took some pics of our little sweeties dressed in their Chinese finery.IMG_9929


This is one the Liz snapped and it made me LOL as it captures (errr….tries to capture!) Hannah perfectly!  This is my girl for sure!!CNY 1

e are the girls posing with the beautiful cake Liz had ordered for our party. It’s easy to say we only put a dent into it but it appeared bigger as the girls both wanted the snake so we cut it right down the middle!IMG_9940

Sunday afternoon Hannah and I volunteered to take dessert to lunch at Nana and Papa’s house so we made a combo Valentine’s/CNY cake.IMG_9966

We were able to reschedule Friday’s party to Sunday afternoon.  Here Hannah is playing with Ava’s lion costume.


IMG_9969It was wonderful to celebrate this special day with great friends!  Julia brought fun snake crafts for the kids.



Not to be outdone by the bigger kids, Grayson worked on a craft too but quickly ditched the plate in favour of painting the tray of his high chair.IMG_9986

As the kids are getting older it’s getting a little easier to take a group shot.IMG_9992

My cheesy girl showing off her red envelopes.IMG_0009

From Hannah and I, Gung Hay Fat Choi!


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