Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sigh…All Too Soon We Were Preparing to go Home

(Friday Nov 16 & Sat Nov 17, 2012)

For our final 2 days in FL we wanted to make the most of being together and being outside when we could.  The temperature had dropped a bit so we needed jackets but we happily wore them and still chose the cart as our preferred format of transportation.  We did look a little different from the others though when we had a stroller strapped to our cart rather than golf clubs. SmileIMG_8733

Hannah doesn’t use her stroller often at home but when we travel it’s great to have a place for her to be during our marathon shopping trips.   My little love has started to get lost in books so sometimes we will stop in the toy dept, pick up a few books and she will slowly page through them which allows me an option to browse.  We then return them to the shelf and she’s just fine with that.  While away I was able to make a good dent in my Christmas shopping which was fun and also takes some of the pressure off. 

One restaurant we used to have in Canada but don’t any longer is the Olive Garden.  Even though it’s been gone for many years we still miss it so try to take advantage of going when we’re away.  IMG_8735

Hannah’s napping location of choice while we were away ended up being snuggled on a lap in the cart.  Travelling from our home to the major shopping areas was 20-30 mins when using this method of travel so it was the perfect time to hunker down for a nap.  I love seeing her snuggled up to Nana enjoying this special time together.IMG_8738

Friday night we enjoyed a quiet night at home sharing time together.  I love how being away offers us a more relaxed schedule and down time that we don’t often take at home.  Hannah was in our room and this was how I found her when I went in to check on her.  Oy….is she 3 or 13??IMG_8741

Saturday morning Mom went out with my aunt and the rest of decided to head to Panera Break for breakfast.  After that we wandered over to the welcome centre to see the beautiful Christmas tree.IMG_8743



We spent the day doing a variety of things and then went out for our final supper to a new place.  The wait was long but we entertained ourselves and all decided that the yummy dinner was worth the wait.

Hannah tried her hand at riding a steer.IMG_8754

Cuddling up with Grandpa to keep warm.IMG_8759



All too soon it was time to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa and head home.  IMG_8777We love this time that we share together and we’re already talking about next year’s trip. 

Thanks for sharing your vacation with us Mom and Dad.  Safe travels home.  We miss you!


  1. I love all your travel posts. I could do with some warm Florida air on my bare arms right about now. 30 degrees Fahrenheit isn't cutting it! What a fun trip. Love the golf cart!

  2. OK, next your for sure!!!
    Love all the trip posts

  3. Love reading about your travels! This is the time of year we always traveled to Disney and it is beautiful. I could use a FL trip right about now!

    I also love a girl that loves her grandparents. :D My dad got very ill over the Thanksgiving holidays and was hospitalized for several days. He is back home now and I am so behind on getting ready for Christmas now. :O

  4. You're really making me want to go to Florida!!! Do you think Lucy is too young? She's 2.5...we'd go again someday so I don't mind if she won't remember. Just wondering if it'd be a bit much with a tiny toddler? So glad you had a great time! Maybe one day we'll be there at the same time :)

  5. I live in Western Canada and we still have Olive Garden...thank goodness. Guess just the east got rid of it.

    1. Ooo...that's good to know! Will need to keep that in mind sometime when we visit the west. Love our western provinces!

  6. Yup we have Olive Garden. Edmonton forsure!

  7. Glad you guys had such a great time in Florida. So much fun to be reading about your Disney adventures as I plan ours.


  8. Sorry your trip came to an end, but we are glad to have you home again.


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