Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dining at Cape May Followed by a Stroll Through Epcot

(Thursday, November 15th, 2012)

Last November we discovered the Cape May Cafe character breakfast at the Beach Club Resort.  We knew back then that we wanted to go back and also introduce Nana and Papa to this beautiful resort and restaurant.  As we enjoyed our breakfast we were visited by 3 of our Clubhouse friends including Hannah’s favourite, Goofy!IMG_8675

I’m not sure that Goofy didn’t have a crush on Nana though.  Check him out snuggling up to her!  Papa just laughed!IMG_8679

Also there in their cute beach attire were MinnieIMG_8671


and Donald.IMG_8667

After breakfast we enjoyed a stroll to Epcot as the Beach Club is one of the resorts that is located near the international gateway.IMG_8683

First up was Soarin’ which is one of our favourite rides.  Even though I’ve been on this ride numerous times it still takes my breath away and I love that each time this ride ends the audience still erupts in applause!IMG_8685

We spent the day enjoying many of the wonderful rides and shows that Epcot offers.  We thoroughly enjoyed our day there.  We stopped at their large store and Hannah enjoyed finding as many Cinderella accessories she could find to go with her dress and trying them all on at the same time.IMG_8701

In ‘Mexico’ the girls posed for our traditional sombrero picture.IMG_8708

Grandma bought a treat for each of the girls.  IMG_8710

I love these pics.  In the first one the girls had switched purchases to see what the other person had chosen.  IMG_8713

The second one they switched back and it’s cute to see how their faces lit up when they were enjoying their new toy.


We found Mulan in China IMG_8717

and Alice in the UK.IMG_8725

Enjoying a quiet moment to herself.IMG_8715

We shared 2 wonderful days together at Disney!  I love that Hannah gets to experience the Happiest Place on Earth with her grandparents and cousin.IMG_8719 - Copy

An immeasurable gift.

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