Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Our Candy Experiment–An Interesting Discovery

I mentioned in this post that I was going to try something different with Hannah’s Halloween candy this year.  She can make candy last forever so rather than dole it out over a long amount of time, Saturday was going to be a candy free-for-all.  IMG_8354When she woke up from her nap around 3:00 I told her it was a candy party and she was able to eat as much of her candy as she wanted until bedtime.  After that we were going to put it away for a few days.  She was all for this and quickly dug in.  She’s great at sharing so gave lots to me and I helped myself too.

I was guessing that by bedtime she’d either be spun out on sugar or in a post sugar frump.  Neither of those happened and she was still her happy, fun, energetic self.

What  I didn’t play into the equation was what it would do to me.  I couldn’t believe it and it wasn’t nice.  By the evening I was grumpy, impatient and felt rotten.  I was having to watch everything I said to her and how I reacted to her normal evening energy. 

So, it was an eye-opening experiment and one that I won’t repeat.  Hannah did great.  Mommy learned a lesson about how important it is to feed us a well balanced diet every single day.  I think of that normally when preparing meals but hadn’t ever tried something like this. 

Lesson learned!


  1. I wondered why you were doing what you were doing. I did something like that once with Snickers bars. If one was good, tow was better and then three. Well you get the picture. I was a hyper irritable mess and I quickly figured out the addiction to sugar (I have the same with salt so don't get me started on a bag of potato chips). I gave up sugar in January and dairy in March and have never felt better. That alone is now enough to steer me away from candy and baked goods.

    1. I've heard of more and more people doing the 'candy party' method and then it disappearing method. I must admit, it's been a really nice week not having to say 'no' 5 times a night when asked if she can have candy. In the past I'd give her 1 or 2 but then that was it for the night. Now, she knows it's gone and that it will be back in a few days and only once in 5 days has she asked. It's been wonderful!

      I won't go crazy myself but will try the candy party again for her next year. It's also better for her teeth I feel as she's not eating candy every day like I used to as a kid. I could make my Halloween candy last until Easter and then Easter candy lasted until Halloween.

      I'm still like this. I love my salty foods and chocolate too but can open a bag of chips, have a small bowl full and then put them away for another time. Chocolate can be in the house for weeks and then I'll eat a bunch in one night.

      We're all so different so each of us does what works for us and our family.

  2. Oh that is funny!!! I wonder if I'd have the same reaction -- just will have to try it, you know how hard you'd have to twist my arm to do a chocolate free for all. Ha!


  3. I'm sorry Catherine but that is hysterical! The idea behind it was good . . . just teach Hannah not to share so much! LOL!

  4. Do you know about The Switch Witch? She comes to take the Halloween Candy once the kids go to sleep. In exchange for the candy, she leaves a small present.

    My kids can eat what they want once they get home from trick or treating, they put more into a bowl and the rest LEAVES!!

    A book, or, i-tunes card, or small toy, gets left, and everyone is HAPPY. Especially the dentist!! LOL
    Snick :)

  5. Oh my goodness Catherine! Me too!! I helped myself to my girls' candy and let them have some on Saturday. We had a restaurant meltdown after seeing a movie, of epic porportions. AND......I found myself not feeling very nice either after consuming some of their candy. Once we got back to a balanced meal last night, wow, I felt so much better. My kids being ADD/ADHD, did get spun out on sugar and it wasn't pretty. Usually we have a system where they trade in their candy for a toy and they started out wanting to do this, but for some reason the pull to candy became almost obsessive. So we didn't get close to trading it in this year. I was bummed. I really wanted them to trade it in. Now it's an almost daily battle to want to eat it with me saying no. The girls are like Hannah, they can make it last forever. Molly

    Congrats on your family day! I didn't get a chance to post to your post. I love seeing your yearly posts and how much Hannah has changed.

  6. I follow your post religiously and got a kick out of this. To be honest, not only do sugars make me feel that way but if I eat mostly carbs it does also. I find that if I eat more protein during the day, then I'm at my best.

    Bucks County, PA

  7. I feel the same way after a sugar overload....amazing that your little one can handle it!

    Have you thought about doing actual science experiments with the candy? We did the trade in program last year, but this year we had a science lesson with some of the experiments here

    Hannah might be a bit young to understand each one, but my six year old loves "projects" even if she doesn't get the point of the lesson. And the messier the project the better! (Oh and the lifesaver trick REALLY works...we keep them around for entertainment during blackouts!)

  8. Have you heard of the Switch Witch?? Children can choose to keep a set amount of candy and the rest is left out for the Switch Witch who then takes the candy and leaves something in its place, like a small toy. We don't celebrate halloween but I thought this was a great idea.


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