Friday, November 30, 2012

Hannah’s Visit with Santa 2012

Second time was a charm.  Last year we went and had our family Christmas pictures taken and then went directly to the mall to visit Santa.  I tried the same thing this year only to find out that Santa has an earlier bed time this year and we’d missed him by about 45 mins.  Oh well…we tried.  It gave us an opportunity for Hannah to wear her other Christmas dress so the following night we had a quick supper and then dressed for Santa!
Posing for the cameraIMG_8792
I like taking Hannah for her visit the first week Santa is there since it’s not busy.  She barely had time to sit down to colour a picture IMG_8802
when it was her time to visit the jolly old guy himself.IMG_8805
It’s hard to hear in the video but Hannah asked Santa for a princess umbrella.  She already has one but she says she wants another one just in case the first one gets broken.  Heh…that’s my prepared little girl!
We’re both super excited that tomorrow has been set aside for everything Christmas!  Hannah has been asking for 2 weeks for us to put up our tree and tomorrow is our day!  Wheee!!!  Mommy also has some inside information that a certain little Elf will show up tomorrow morning and he’s arriving with a party in hand!  Can’t wait!!!
Merry Christmas!IMG_8800


  1. Your Hannah~ all sparkly and beautiful! Happy decorating!


  2. That dress is adorable!! Where did you get it from?? I know another little peanut that would love to have one!! Hannah is gorgeous in it!

    Snick :)

  3. What a beautiful festive dress. Where did you get it?

    After reading your blog last year about the Little Elf, I purchased the video and a plush little elf for Charlotte for this year. We watched the video twice today, so the adventure begins tomorrow morning. I really hope she catches on and enjoys the character.

    1. I purchased the adorable dress at Belks when we were in FL. It a brand called Rare Editions and I love their clothes! I looked online tonight & realized that over the years I've purchased 6 of their dresses/outfits for Hannah. I hadn't realized that until tonight.

      Hope this helps.

  4. Oh my gosh, could Hannah be any cuter? Love her outfit and what a cute gift she asked for from Santa. I'm in N CA, but nearer Sacramento. We go to the big Bass Sporting Outlet to see Santa. They have some crafts and there is a restaurant and movie theatre there so we sometimes go to dinner or a movie then go see Santa. They give you a card with a time to come back to wait in line. They have a huge Christmas tree and we take pics in front of the tree. We haven't put our tree up yet but my daughters have small trees in their rooms.


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