Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Our New Space

There's just something about Hannah being home that has encouraged me to get some long dreamed of projects done. 2 years ago it was the teaching studio and now, the deck.

The back yard is 9' x 17' so the whole thing is being turned into a deck with a fence around it. A good friend from church has a deck building business and he's doing it for me and it already looks great just 2 days in!!


Day 1:

As cute as this final pic of Day 1 is, it's also when Hannah aged mommy 10 years!! I'd buckled her into her seat and turned on her 'Baby Signing Time' DVD which normally lulls her into a quiet place as she watches it. I'd taken this time to pop outside and take pics of the progress. The next thing I know I hear the pitter patter of little feet and looked up to see Hannah running towards the open door with her arm above her head saying, 'Hi!' Now was one of those times when I was glad I'd saved 'STOP' for times when I really mean it! I yelled 'Stop' which caused her to immediately stop where she was, take time to sign 'stop' and say, 'staa!' Phew!!! That was too close! By this time I was back to her and praising her for listening so well to mommy!

Day 2:

The top of the deck is cedar and Tim is doing this beautiful picture frame style trim around the outside. Looks great!
Hannah is enjoying having Mr. Tim and his tools entertain her throughout the day. Kudos to him....I think he said 'hi' back to her at least 50 times and he'd make little sounds especially for her. She sits like this through most of her meals and when she's down she's hanging out at the screen door. What fun she's having with him here!

Tomorrow (weather permitting) the step goes in as well as the sides of the fence. He's doing a neat fence style that I can't quite picture in my head so I'm looking forward to seeing it! Friday night it should all be done and I think Hannah and I will celebrate with a BBQ steak dinner on the deck!


  1. I found your blog through the blog of a friend and have been following you and Hannah, what a cutie. Love the deck so far, I've been trying to get some projects done around my house and it feels nice to get something finished! Hope it all turns out the way you picture it.

  2. Wow Catherine it looks amazing Hannah is so lovely!!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhh you are going to LOVE having this space for you and Hannah!!! :o) It's beautiful!!! Just think of all the pretty little planters of flowers you can have on it too! :o)

    Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to come sit on it for a cup of coffee with you one morning!!! :o)

    Love you friend!

  4. Eager to see the final!

  5. Looks SO GREAT!! Can't wait to have a play date on that deck...oh, and the babies can play too. LOL!

  6. In a word - BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Who would have thought that taxes would look so GREAT!!!!

  7. It looks super nice already. Now you won't have to worry about mud! And a little kiddie pool on hot days with your own daughter in it splashing will be a dream come true.

    I love your piano studio. It looks absolutely perfect for teaching.

  8. That face in the doorway . . . precious!


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