Monday, June 28, 2010

Bubble and Pool Fun with Nana and Papa!

It was another beautiful day today - hot and sunny! Hannah and I were busy during the day but the warmth continued into the evening so I decided to fill up her little pool and let her splash around after supper. We called Nana and Papa to see if they were free and they were so they came over and joined in the fun. Only one little girl was in the pool but somehow all 4 of us ended up wet! :o)

She really likes playing with her watering can and Papa's help made it even better! She doesn't mind getting her head and face wet and often put her head under the falling water.

We also pulled out the bubbles which Hannah thought were great! We'd only played with bubbles one other time so it's a new treat for her and she really enjoyed them. She's also learned how to sign and say bubble. Her language is exploding and she's saying new words every single day!!

Thanks for coming over to play Nana and Papa!!


  1. She's precious, Catherine! What a sweet little bathing suit.

  2. the pic with Hannah and Nana, they look alike! SO PRECIOUS!!!

  3. OMW... tons of fun going on over here..
    LOVE the ladybug pool..
    the new space is really paying off..
    Have a great week..
    Love the zoo photos as well.

  4. That is the CUTEST pool I've ever seen! Not nearly as cute as Hannah, of course, but still pretty cute!

  5. Oh Miss Hannah!
    You're prettier than ever!
    You have been having lots of fun with mommie and nana and papa. The girls and I haven't written much lately but we read about you everyday! Ilana and Sadie's mom, my daughter, is about 48 hrs away from from having a new baby! So, we have been busy getting ready for that. We don't know yet if it is a boy or a girl. It will be so exciting to find out. There are 5 children in the family and this will make 6. What a joy children are.

    We sure enjoy watching your cute antics Hannah! we love you. We'll let you know when the baby arrives.
    God Bless and lots and lots of hugs from,
    Miss Lila AKA Nannie
    Ilana (6yr)
    Sadie (4yr)

  6. Have fun with Ree and Ro, I look forward to reading all about it!

    Lisa V

  7. Oh man, could those pics be any cuter?!!!!! Nope. :-)
    See you soon my friend.

  8. so darn adorable!! looks like she was having lots of fun :O)


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