Friday, June 04, 2010

Love You Berry Much!

Hannah tried blackberries for the first time on Saturday. At first she wasn't too sure what she thought but she quickly changed her mind! As quickly as I could get them on her tray she was signing 'more' and I could hear, 'moy, moy!'

Peanut butter and blackberries. A winning combination!

A meal best served wearing only a diaper and a trip to the tub was our next event of the day.


  1. Oh my goodness those photos are fabulous. I love that you are having such a blast being Mummy and of course that you share it with us.
    hannah gets sweeter and cuter by the day.

  2. Oh my I just LOVE that last photo! That is a smile of pure sugary bliss! Miss Hannah is a such a cutie and I hardly notice the fruit with that gorgeous smile! :o)

  3. Oh! Just loooove the pics!! Too cute for words! :)


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