Wednesday, May 05, 2010

*Those* Kids - Part II

My friend K wrote a post about our adventures at sign language class today so I thought I'd share our experience too!

K and I signed our kiddles up for a 4 week baby sign language class. Another fun activity that we can share together! Hannah and I have been signing since she first came home and she now has about 25 signs that she uses on a regular basis and it's wonderful! Chick and Pea are 6 months younger and are already catching on to the signing thing too!

The class was a good size with about 20 moms and babies who when we arrived were basically sitting quietly oooing and cooing at their moms from the safety of their laps. In comes our trio of par*tay babies (who are great friends and play really well together) and the fun was about to begin. Who wants to sit still when there are books to read, flash cards to nibble and foam blocks to scatter about and share with the other babies? Chick and Pea were up to their own fun while Hannah roamed the room getting to know her fellow classmates. (These classes are put on by the Ontario Early Years Centres and we are encouraged to let the children move about rather than keep them still if they want to move.) Shortly into her tour of the room began Hannah spotted foam blocks. Wheee! Toys are always a good option, especially when all the teacher is covering is the intro stuff and not signing yet.

There was an older sibling of one of the babies playing with the foam blocks so Hannah decided to 'play' with her. Based on yesterday's post you know that this means Hannah felt she had hit the jackpot when she saw a couple of blocks just waiting to be knocked down! They went a tumbling and said 4yo let out a wail, walked up to the teacher and tattled on my precious little Hannah. Heh! I mean, oops!

After knocking down said tower Hannah continued her tour which she felt led to include the hallway outside the classroom. I was on my feet in a flash and scooped her up and brought her back. (14 month old babies are a great exercise program!) She enjoyed the class and had fun doing some of the signs that she was familiar with and I'm sure this week as we work on some of the new ones she'll add those to her signing vocab too.

Another part of the class was a craft time where we traced our baby's hand and made an 'I Love You' sign. This is Hannah's very first craft and it's now displayed proudly on our fridge! Well...technically it's our first craft. Truth be known it's the 2nd hand we cut out as Hannah delicately ripped all the fingers off her first one (sitting in mommy's lap!) while I cut out the little red heart. Oops again!

Have I mentioned lately that my sweetie is busy, busy, BUSY??!!! :o) Hmmm...wonder how I sign the word, 'busy'?!

PS - Is anyone else a little put off when a class is designed specifically for one age group and one parent chooses to bring a sibling who then proceeds to take over the class? The 4yo was disruptive, talking to the teacher and often standing in front of her as she was trying to teach the moms how to sign and all the while this little girl's mom says absolutely nothing to her? I just don't get it! It's not the child's fault. She doesn't know any better but I just wish the mom had stepped in once and a while!

**Update** I've since found out that our OEYC has a policy that does not allow for older siblings to attend 'babies only' classes as they offer many classes for them and also classes designed for both age groups combined. They're going to call the mom and get it straightened out before next class. I kinda feel bad but it was very disruptive to all so not too bad. ;o)


  1. You can always approach the mom of the older child and say something.

  2. Im really going nuts here!!! Thank you Catherine for checking in on me.

    Love and blessings, Kristy

  3. The mom should have done something, but I think that the teacher has a right to keep her class in line and tell the child to sit or whatever was appropriate.

    Love Hannah's craft and that you are doing sign language.

  4. Yesterday was so much fun and I'm looking forward to next week's class! Hopefully, Chick and Pea will keep things out of their mouths this time. :)

  5. I love the spunk and the craft!

    Keep smilin!

  6. I'm a mom of 2. Sometimes I couldn't leave one home so the other could attend the class, but you can bet your britches that I would have pulled both of my kids out of the room if either was disruptive.
    Do not feel bad for expecting appropriate behavior!!

  7. I too would hope the mom would have done something. It's not fair to the rest of the class that's there to learn.

    Glad you all had a good time.

  8. Love that you're doing sign language! My husband is a sign language interpreter actually. Our son Jensen picked up sign language very quickly when we brought him home from China. Keep up with it. It's such a valuable asset!


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