Saturday, May 22, 2010

Florida Trip - Just For Fun Pics

Some of my favourite pics from our Florida trip.

Hannah in front of the door to our room at the Pop Century Resort. I hope to make it a tradition to take a picture of her in front of the door each time we're there.

Showing off her Tinkerbell shades.

Enjoying a cookie in our hotel room.

Auntie Doris pretending to be Dale.

The girls chatting in their strollers...

...and on the monorail. Sometimes we were sure that they knew what each other was saying and it was too cute to listen to them 'talk'.
Chillaxin in the pool
Showing off her paper tearing skills in the food court. (Mommy cleaned it all up before we left but it's a great way to entertain her for a long time while we finished eating.)
Hannah trying on a Mickey Hat

Oh so cute! See ya real soon Mickey!!


  1. i LOVE that last picture of Hannah in the minnie ears! She is such a smiley little thing! Sounds like you had a great trip! :)

  2. Darling pics! Her happiness just glows right out of her. Such a lucky little girl. :)

  3. Wow Hannah sure is growing and changing so fast. Love her Minni ears...she's such a cutie pie.


  4. Hello: I have followed your cutie pie since referral and want to share with you that my sweet pea has had some very high fevers that haven't responded at all to Tylenol, but come down within an hour after being given Ibuprofen. I finally had to write myself a note and keep it in the first aid kit, so I would remember. A happy baby makes a happy mommy!


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